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Signs of Modern ‘Midlife Crisis’ Revealed in New Survey

Update Date: May 30, 2014 08:55 PM EDT

Have the sudden urge of running marathons, enrolling in CrossFit classes, joining Facebook, getting inked or splurging on a new watch? If you're a man that's over 40, you might be experiencing your mid-life crisis.

New research reveals that the classic signs of midlife crisis, like wearing leather jackets, driving flashy cars, getting highlights, dating younger women, are obsolete. In fact, the latest study revealed that one in three respondents said the believed the stereotypical images of midlife crisis were completely outdated, and one in four believed the concept has become a cliché.

After surveying 2,000 adults, researchers were able to uncover more contemporary indicators of midlife crisis, according to the Daily Mail.

The study revealed that changing career, moisturizing, taking vitamins, engaging in extreme sports and buying high-tech gadgets have replaced the more traditional signs like investing in arm candy unusually expensive items.

The survey shows that men are more likely to undergo a "lifestyle overhaul" when they turn forty. Modern middle-aged men experiencing their "midlife crisis" are just as likely to bike to work and use social media than they are to splurge on an expensive watch or follow fad diets.

Researchers also found that one in two middle-aged men try to get healthier and start taking part in extreme sports.

The survey revealed that midlife crisis usually happens at the age of 45 and lasts from three months to a year. However, only 20 percent of men surveyed admitted to experiencing a full-blown midlife crisis.

The survey also revealed that three out of four men report that their female counterparts are just as likely to experience midlife crisis.

"The traditional image of a mid-life crisis is dead and buried.

'Nowadays it's more about living for the moment and making the most of things and leading an active and healthy lifestyle," said spokesman for Jeep, who conducted the poll to coincide with their sponsorship of Tough Mudder, according to Daily Mail.

"It's unfair to label many of the things in the list as signs of a crisis when many of them will have a positive impact on a man's life," he added. "Getting fit, taking part in extreme sports and overhauling your diet are all things which should be commended."

"Many men get labeled as having a midlife crisis when in fact they are taking really encouraging steps to make the most of life," the spokesman said.

"Many men reach their forties and fifties after accomplishing great things in their professional life and their family life so setting challenges such as triathlons, marathons and extreme sports are a great way of achieving new goals," he explained.

"Midlife crisis is an outdated term - many of our Mudders are men (and women) in their 40s who are making positive changes in their life, not just trying to prove a point," said John Fidoe, Marketing Director for Tough Mudder EMEA, according to Daily Mail.

Top 15 Surprising Signs of Midlife Crisis:

1.     Running a half marathon

2.     Attending festivals

3.     Getting Botox

4.     Buying an SUV

5.     Going to the waxing salon

6.     Engaging in extreme sports

7.     Investing in moisturizer

8.     Cycling, rather than driving, to work

9.     Fantasizing about living in another country

10. Getting a Facebook profile

11. Taking multivitamins

12. Buying a juicer

13. Buying property to fix and rent out

14. Replacing coffee with fruit teas

15. Renewing wedding vows

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