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LA and Central Valley Have The Worst Air Quality, US Air Quality Report Says

Update Date: Apr 30, 2014 08:55 AM EDT

American Lung Associations released its annual air rankings in which once again Los Angeles topped in the list of cities with worst air quality. The city also violated the standard set by the federal government for ozone an average of 122 days a year. 

According to report, ozone pollution in the country was observed to be on the rise and meanwhile particle pollution declined. 

The report added that cleaner fuels and power plants were bringing particle pollution to record lows in some areas, however warmer weather was causing more ozone pollution. 

The rankings were also dominated by the California's Central Valley along with LA. 

"Air pollution is not just a nuisance or the haze we see on the horizon; it's literally putting our health in danger," said Bonnie Holmes-Gen, senior policy director of the American Lung Assn. in California, according to press release. "We've come a long way, but the status quo is not acceptable," he added.

The association in the report evaluated metropolitan areas based on recorded levels of ozone and main ingredient in smog.

Ingham County received an "a" for particle pollution meaning the air was pretty clean. However it received "d" for ozone pollution. Clinton County received an "f" for ozone pollution which means it can effect people with lung diseases and children. 

"This is about people's basic health, and about a level playing field," said Gov. Jack Markell/ (D) Delaware, according to

The report highlighted that the air quality of the nation was much better than decades ago because of stricter emissions standards for coal-fired power plants, vehicles and diesel engines. 

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