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Research Shows How A Healthy Husband Equals a Happy Marriage

Update Date: Mar 16, 2014 12:24 AM EDT

Husband's good health plays an important role in preventing conflict between couples who live together long-term, according to a new research. Scientists claimed that if wife is ill, there are less chances of differences in the quality of a marriage. 

'Wives report more conflict if their husband is in poor health,' said James Iveniuk, PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago, according to Daily Mail.

'If the wife is in poor health, there doesn't seem to be any difference in terms of the quality of the marriage for the husband,' he said.

A total of 953 heterosexual couples were considered for the study who were either married or living together. Participants ranged from age 63 to 90 years old and the average length of their relationships were measured to be 39 years.

'Wives whose husbands show higher levels of positivity reported less conflict. However, the wives' positivity had no association with their husbands' reports of conflict,' added Mr Iveniuk. 

In the interviews conducted with all the participants, husbands reported of more criticism and demands from their wives overall. However they also pointed towards higher levels of emotional support.

'Several previous studies have been about the implications of marital status on health,' said Co-author Linda Waite, Lucy Flower Professor of Urban Sociology at the university, according to Daily Mail

'This research allows us to examine individual marriages and not "married people." We have the reports on the quality of the marriage from each person, about their own personality and their own health.'

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