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Men Need 24 More Days to End Relationships

Update Date: Feb 20, 2014 03:00 PM EST

Men need more time to end romantic relationships, according to a new survey. It takes the average woman six days to decide to break up with her partner. However, the average man needs at least a month to dump their significant others.

The latest research reveals that the average man spends 20 days worrying over their decision and determining the best way to break up. After he's decided on the most tactful way of breaking up with his partner, it takes him another 10 more days to conjure the courage to tell his partner his decision.

The latest survey revealed that women are the opposite and make quick decisions, with the average woman needing only 6 days to finalize her breakups. Researchers found that all female respondents agreed to the statement that life is too short to be with the wrong person for a "moment longer than necessary".

While 53 percent of men said they think long and hard before making the decision to end their relationships, the findings revealed that only 23 percent of women said the same.

The survey revealed that men are so unsure of what they want that 16 percent would dedicate another unhappy six months to a failing relationship if there was a chance for a better future.

While 88 percent of men believe that planning out a "careful exit strategy" would be less painful for their soon-to-be-ex partners, 77 percent of women have a more "get up and go" approach and say they would end things with a short and honest discussion.

 The latest survey, conducted by the website, involved data from 500 unmarried couples in both short and long term relationships.

"It could be that men are generally less proactive than women, and that they lack the confidence to put a break-up plan - painless or otherwise - into action," said founder Munir Bello, according to Daily Mail. "Or it could be that men are born romantics who want nothing more than to stay with their sweethearts forever."

"Either way, women appear to be more adept at going from unhappy to untroubled in relationship terms," Bello added.

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