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8-Foot-Long Octopus Attacks Diver, Tries To Steal Camera [Video]

Update Date: Feb 18, 2014 09:30 AM EST

Two divers were attacked by a massive 8-foot-long octopus while scuba diving off Bluefish Cove in Carmel, California.

David Malvestuto, 34, and Warren Murray, 56 are experienced divers who went on diving on Feb 1 where they encountered this eight-armed opponent over his camera.They also recorded the happenings so they could prove it really happened.

Murray who is a professional scuba and underwater photography instructor got very close to an 8-foot-long giant Pacific octopus. Both at first thought it as large rock but noticed a sudden movement out of the corner of the eyes. The octopus then suddenly sprouted up wrapping his tentacles around diver's camera.

"I wasn't too worried. Generally they are not too interested in people. They'll just take off," he told the NY Daily News. "I was thinking he would take off as soon as I got close to it. When he wasn't moving, I was excited."

"I was thinking (about that rule) in the back of my mind," he said. "I wanted to capture as many pictures as I could."

Murray said, the animal had a quite good hold on the camera but it let go when diver took pictures and the flash went off. Divers think the octopus might have seen his reflection thinking there was another octopus.

"I was a little concerned ... but we both knew they are harmless," he added according to NY Daily News. "He was very cool and collected. I wanted to make sure nothing bad would happen."

"We can say we did all of these things but we made sure we had the video and pictures to prove it."

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