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1 in 5 Would Have Sex With STD Partner

Update Date: Feb 17, 2014 01:20 PM EST

Sexually transmitted diseases don't faze young people from having sex, according to a new study.

New research reveals that one in five people aged 18 to 30 would have sex with someone they knew had a sexually transmitted infection.

The study, conducted by, also revealed that 39 percent of these people say that they have already had unprotected sex with someone they knew had an STI.

The survey of 1,231 people revealed that 26 percent of respondents said they wouldn't mind having sex with someone with an STI because it would be "impossible to catch an STI" if they used protection. Another 11 percent admitted that they would still have sex because they "always let passion get the better or them".

The survey revealed that 19 percent of respondents said "yes" when they were asked if they would have sexual intercourse with someone they knew had a sexually transmitted infection. However, one in four respondents said it depended on what type of STI, and 57 percent said they would have had sex with an infected person.

Researchers found that 64 percent of young adults have had unprotected sex in the past, and 52 percent of these people have done it with someone they were not in a relationship with.

The survey revealed that 23 percent of the survey respondents have suffered from an STI, and that the most common STI among them was Chlamydia.

"Exposing yourself to the risk of contracting an STI is never advisable," said Sarah Bailey of, according to Daily Mail. "Even though condoms can offer a certain level of protection, this isn't the case for some sexually transmitted infections - and certainly shouldn't be put to the test."

"If you really like a person, wait until their condition is treated properly before venturing into a sexual relationship with them," Bailey added. "That way, you can ensure your intimacy is safe from risk of infection."

"There is never any excuse for knowingly exposing your body to potential harm in this way, particularly those who claim that they'd happily jump into bed with someone unprotected despite knowing they had an STI," she said. 

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