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1 in 4 Americans Unaware Of The Fact That Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Update Date: Feb 17, 2014 09:05 AM EST

One in four Americans does not know that Earth revolves around the sun, according to a recent survey by National Science Foundation. 

Around 2,200 people were polled in the study where they had to answer the questions related to physical sciences and biology. 

According to the survey, 60 percent of American families visited science museums and zoos and 48 percent of residents thought human evolved from lower species of animals. 

Only half of the participants answered the question that antibiotics are not effective against viruses. The theory of Big Bang was known to just 39 percent of the respondents. 

"It's important for Americans to maintain a high regard for science and scientists. It can help ensure funding and help attract future scientists," said John Besley of Michigan State University, who reviewed the data before the announcement, according to Science Daily

The research noted that Americans were slightly more inclined towards science compared to Europeans. 

"Americans generally report higher levels of interest in [science and technology] issues than do residents of many European countries. A survey conducted... in the United States and 10 European countries [found]... For scientific issues, the United States had an average interest level of 6.0, which was greater than the 10-country European average of 5.6," read the NSF study. 

The study was conducted two years ago in 2012 and were presented on Friday at an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago. 

The theory that earth and other planets revolved around a relatively stationary sun is called Heliocentrism and was accepted widely in the 16th century. The model was introduced by Nicolaus Copernicus.  

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