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3 Ways Winter Wrecks Your Love Life

Update Date: Dec 13, 2013 07:17 PM EST

Winter is great for snuggling, but bad for sex. Studies have linked shorter days and colder temperatures to lower testosterone levels and plummeting libidos. Arm yourself with these tips to keep winter from wrecking your love life.

You're Crankier

Winter's shortage of sunlight shortens tempers. Studies found that being stuck inside the house lowers serotonin levels, and therefore makes people less likely to want to jump in the sack. This depletion of the feel-good hormone makes you more nasty and cranky toward your partner. Try to get outside whenever your can. Research shows that even a short amount of time spent in the sun significantly boosts vitamin-D and serotonin levels.

You Don't Feel 100%

The holiday season is a time for ODing on food and drink. Gorging on carb-filled holiday dinners and desserts while guzzling tanks of coffee and wine can make you feel unhealthy and unattractive. Watching your diet can help you feel sexier. Try limiting fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods and stock up on high-protein, serotonin-boosting foods like fish, cottage cheese, eggs and lean meats.

Not Being In the Mood

Your huge winter coat makes you feel more like Michelin man than sexy vixen, and the lack of sunlight increases melatonin and lowers serotonin levels, making you feel sleepier than sexy. Previous studies also found that most people experience a dip in testosterone levels during the winter months, which translates to a lack of libido. Try hitting the gym or going to the park to cut melatonin levels and boost testosterone and serotonin levels. 

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