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Pretty Face Can Guarantee a Successful Career

Update Date: Dec 09, 2013 08:32 AM EST

Beauty is not just skin deep but can also land you a better job and subsequently a better career, a new study finds.

Researchers from University of Essex considered factors like IQ, level of education and parent’s education. At each stage of career, people with better face were ahead of people with average faces.

The reason why pretty faced people get a better job might be that they appear more confident, researchers said.

The team of researchers from Italy and Britain analyzed data of 8,000 men and women who left the school in Wisconsin in the US in 1957. This included all sorts of informations ranging from employment at various points in life to their education and their parents’ social class. Their school photos were used to rate their looks.

Evidently those who were rated the most attractive at the time of leaving school, tended to have better jobs and even prestigious careers.

"We found facial attractiveness is important in determining people’s occupational prestige at the beginning of the career as it is in the middle or at the end,’ said a researcher Gundi Knies, of Essex University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research according to Daily Mail.

“Or, in other words, the so called beauty premium is stable throughout people’s employment history and pretty people are doing better even as they age.”

A panel of experts was made that assessed their high school yearbook photos. They then awarded each a beauty score.

"Our facial features are largely genetically determined and the research raises a number of questions regarding the processes that underlie the reproduction of social inequalities, said Dr Knie according to Daily Mail. For example, do beautiful men and women have higher occupational prestige because employers discriminate against plain people? Or is it that beautiful men and women choose more prestigious occupations, for example, because they enjoy a higher self esteem and are more self confident."

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