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Men Produce ‘Kamikaze Sperms’ To Destroy Others' Sperms

Update Date: Dec 04, 2013 12:58 PM EST

Male ejaculate consists a special type of ‘fighter sperm’ called ‘kamikaze’ that is designed to prevent another man’s sperm from fertilizing the egg, a new study shows.

Around 40 per cent of male ejaculate is made up of ‘fighter sperm’ known as ‘kamikaze’ which increases if the man suspects a parter of cheating.

“Researchers have looked into the microscope and seen that maybe we have what are called kamikaze sperm; killer sperm; fighter sperm. 40 per cent of sperm that is in an ejaculate are actually designed to fight off another man’s sperm,” said sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe on SciShow.

Through the explanation it is evident that the fighter sperm is not designed to inseminate the egg but its presence is to prevent another male’s sperm from doing so, reported Daily Mail. In the explanation, Dr. Doe described the method of preventing other sperm from reaching the egg as ‘blocking’.

Kamikaze use their tails as coils to set up traps and they weave them together to create walls and barricades.

Chances are also that some fighter sperm might even attack and kill the outsider sperms if found.

If the males’ suspicion is more of their partners not being monogamous, more fighter sperms will be produced to counter that threat. However this process can also lead to less chances of a women getting pregnant. Because more and more sperms will be busy in being the ‘fighter sperms’ instead inseminating the egg.

However not every one is agreeing to this sperm competition theory and some deny it completely.

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