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Health Revelations In Dreamers

Update Date: Oct 16, 2013 02:59 PM EDT

Dreams are often said to reveal subconscious thoughts in our sleep. This is why many people like to "Google" their dreams in an attempt to unveil what they mean about their thinking's or their future. 

Scientists who study dreams now believe that dreams could tell us more about our health than an astrology notion of our life events in the course of time. 

"Exactly why we dream still mystifies scientists - and provokes fierce debate. What is known is that most of us have around four to six dreams a night, but we remember only around two or three a week," according to Daily Mail. 

Why do we only remember such few numbers of dreams if we dream so much? It's because if we continue to sleep when the dream ends then the memory of the dream is gone forever but if we wake up in the middle of our dream we are able to remember them. 

According to a study, beta blockers, heart conditions and migraines are said to be affiliated with nightmares.

"The blood pressure pills beta-blockers are notorious for 'quite nasty dreams'," said Professor Jim Horne, a sleep expert from Loughborough University. "These widely used medications help widen blood vessels, but experts believe they may also indirectly alter the balance of certain brain chemicals, which then triggers nightmares."

According to researchers, those who suffer from an irregular heartbeat increase the risk of having nightmares. The reason being because individuals with heart conditions are most like to  suffer from breathing problems which causes oxygen levels in the brain to become low.

"Nightmares can also be a warning of an impending migraine," states the study. "These excruciating headaches can strike at night, and one study of 37 patients found they are often preceded by bad dreams that usually involve themes of anger and aggression." 

Having more dreams than usual can be linked to getting too hot or too cold and a change in hormones.

"Overheating or feeling chilly at night can lead to us having more dreams," said Professor Horne. 'The more disturbed your sleep - perhaps by being too hot or too cold - the more likely you are to wake during dreaming sleep, which means you'll remember your dreams."

"Some women say that they have more dreams around the time of their period," said Horne. "This could be because some women get very uncomfortable, with bloating or cramps, causing them to wake up more." 

Memorable and bizarre dreams are connected to alcohol consumption and sickness. 

If people consume alcohol they may have memorable dreams towards the end of their sleep. According to scientists, this happens because a brain chemical affect that occurs when the effects of alcohol starts to dissipate. 

Being under the weather can also cause a surreal half-sleep, half-awake state, triggering bizarre dreams, said Dr Patrick McNamara, a neurologist from Boston University Medical School. 

"When our body comes under attack from a bug, our immune system needs to use all its power to fight it," said Daily Mail. "Sleep can help, as a particular type of the deep, non-dreaming kind - called slow-wave sleep - seems to boost our defenses."

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