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With Love From Me To Me: Why We Self-Gift

Update Date: Sep 23, 2013 09:02 AM EDT

If you are among those who often buy presents for themselves, then you might be indulging in “celebratory self-gifting”.

The researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have narrowed down seven reasons that describe those little - or big - purchases we treat ourselves to.

The first one is reward self gifting. These are considered a pat-on-the back self for achieving a goal by working hard.

The second one is personal disappointment self gifting. These are designed to distract you from a unexpected or negative outcome. For instance if you miss that promotion you may buy a bottle of wine.

The third one is negative mood reduction self gifting. If you are having a bad week, you might want to treat yourself with the massage and facial.

Fourth one is termed positive mood maintenance self gifting. Some people like to maintain a positive mood in contrast to reducing the effects of negative mood.

The fifth one is motivation self gifting. You motivate yourself for instance for a better Nike shoes once you get fitter this summer.

The second last is termed as celebratory self gifting. This is like you are gifting yourself on your birthday. And the last one is called hedonistic self gifting. That is, if you are feeling bored you go to shopping.

Dr Mortimer, who is QUT consumer behaviour expert, is developing a self-gifting consumer behaviour scale based on these seven situations, making it easier for retailers to target you specifically.

“This scale will enable marketers or retailers to determine their mix of shoppers and tailor appeals that target specific groups,” he said.

“Messages like, ‘you deserve it’, ‘go on, treat yourself today’ or ‘reward yourself’ appeal to those in the market for self-gifting,” he later added.

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