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A Glass of OJ a Day May Keep Cancer Away

Update Date: Sep 13, 2013 07:09 PM EDT

Drinking orange juice every day may help prevent cancer. 

Researchers say that orange juice has many potential positive effects when it comes to cancer.  This is because the juice is filled with antioxidants and flavinoids.

Previous studies revealed that orange juice can reduce the risk of leukemia in children as well as aid in chemoprevention against mammary, hepatic, and colon cancers.

Researchers said that the biological effects of orange juice inside the human body are largely influenced by the juice's composition.  Researchers said the composition depends on physiological conditions like climate, sol, fruit maturation and storage methods after harvest.

While orange juice is good for the body, researchers note that too much of this good thing can be toxic.  They say that if consumed in excess amounts, hypertensive kidney-compromised and diabetics could experience noxious effects like hyperkalemia, food allergies and bacterial outbreaks in cases where the juice was unpasteurized.

"Excessive intake of any food, even for the healthiest, can lead to oxidative status imbalance," researchers wrote I the study.

 The latest findings suggest that there is a biological connection between orange juice and cancer chemoprevention.

"OJ could contribute to chemoprevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression," the researchers explained. "Among the most relevant biological effects of OJ is the juice's antigenotoxic and antimutagenic potential, which was shown in cells in culture and in rodents and humans."

The findings are published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer

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