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Late-Lunchers Lose Less Weight

Update Date: Sep 04, 2013 09:10 AM EDT

Dieters who eat late lunches tend to lose less weight than those who eat earlier midday meals, according to a new study,

New research reveals that the time of day people eat lunch may play a significant role in how much they weigh.

Researchers followed 420 participants who enrolled in a 20-week weight-loss program in Spain.

The participants were divided into early eaters who ate a Mediterranean-style lunch before 3pm and late eaters who ate the same lunch after 3pm.

Researchers found that early-lunchers lost an average of 22 pounds in 20 weeks, while late-lunchers lost an average of 17 pounds.

The findings may be explained by how glucose is generated by the body.  Researchers explain that the body processes glucose differently depending on the time of the day.

Another reason for the weight-loss difference could be that late eaters tend to skip or eat less breakfast, which goes against dieting advice.

The study was conducted by researchers at Tufts University, Brigham and Women's Hospital and the University of Murcia in Spain.

The findings are published in the International Journal of Obesity

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