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Grandma Gives Birth To Her Twin Grandchildren

Update Date: Aug 15, 2013 09:37 AM EDT

Some women say that becoming a mother is one of the greatest experiences in the world. Although being a mother can be stressful and tiresome, seeing your children grow up and become good people can make everything else worth it. Regardless of the age of your children, mothers will continue to protect them and provide them with whatever they need. For 53-year-old Susie Kozisek, a mother from Iowa, she gave her daughter the chance to have children.

Kozisek just gave birth to a twin set of granddaughters, Hailee and Hadlee. One of Kozisek's four children, Ashley Larkin was not able to get pregnant due to a health condition called pulmonary hypertension. Kozisek then became the gestational carrier and helped her bring two new and beautiful babies into the world. Gestational carriers go through an entire pregnancy for another woman. The egg and sperm are taken from the parents and then fertilized through the in vitro method. They are then implanted into the carrier's womb.

"I heard about the procedure on a talk show and decided to check out the possibility of me doing this for them so they could have kids of their own if they wanted," Kozisek said according to ABC News.

For this particular procedure, Larkin's embryos were harvested and kept in storage at the Mayo Clinic since October 2010. Two years later, the embryos were implanted. After waiting nine months, Larkin met her daughters in the delivery room where she helped her mother through the painful process of giving birth, something she surely was familiar with. During the gestation period, Kozisek did not experience any complications and continued working as a legal secretary until the due date. According to reports, Kozisek was also the gestational carrier for her first daughter. Kozisek had given birth in 2011 to a granddaughter named Harper.

"It's usual for a mother to act as a gestational carrier for her own child and she was at the older end of the spectrum for pregnancy but she was a good candidate because she'd carried previous pregnancies successfully and was in excellent health," Dr. Jani Jensen, the fertility doctor at Mayo Clinic said. "They are a testament to the profound love a mother can have for her child. It is an incredible thing this mother did so her daughter could have children."

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