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Surgeon Arrested for Stealing Heroin from Patient’s Stomach

Update Date: Aug 14, 2013 03:06 PM EDT

When it comes to drugs, some people might go at great lengths to attain them due to the addictive nature of these drugs as well as the amount of money they can bring in. In one of the strangest incidences involving illegal drugs, a Siberian surgeon has been arrested for stealing heroin. The surgeon apparently was enlisted to help the Russian police remove bags of heroin from the stomach of a drug courier. However, instead of turning everything over to the police, the anonymous doctor decided to keep some for himself.

According to the reports, the surgeon was from Bogotol, which is a town that is 1,930 miles east of the city of Moscow. The surgeon was arrested shortly after the police noticed that one bag of drugs went missing. After conducting a search, the police found five grams of heroin in the doctor's clothing. As if the scene was not bizarre enough, the police reported that the surgeon appeared to have been in a state of narcotic intoxication. The doctor has since been charged with illegally attaining and holding illegal drugs, and stealing a huge amount of drugs from the police. If he is found guilty, he could end up serving time for up to 15 years. He has refused to comment without his lawyer present.

"When they searched the surgeon, they found a package with five grams of heroin hidden in his clothing," police for the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region said in a statement on their website. "At the moment of the detention, the doctor was in a state of narcotic intoxication."

The incidence first unfolded when the police were alerted after a passenger fell terribly ill on a train ride that was travelling from the city of Krasnoyarsk to Bogotal. The police had believed that the passenger was carrying heroin based on previous information they had collected on the individual. The man was promptly taken to a district hospital, where the surgeon, who allegedly stole the drugs, performed the operation to remove the heroin. Russia is known as one of the largest consumer of illegal drug, heroin.

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