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Man Claims His Toilet Design can Make you Healthier

Update Date: Jun 26, 2013 04:39 PM EDT

Even though there have been studies finding evidence that the toilet seat is not as germy as other items, such as handbags and barbeque grills, the idea of a public toilet being germ free seems pretty farfetched. Toilets, regardless of whether or not they are in the house or at a restaurant have been sat on by numerous of different people going about their daily business. A few ways that people have adopted when using the restroom include neatly placing down tissue paper or plain squatting. Now, according to Peter Codling who designed a new toilet, avoiding germs could be even easier.

Codling, a 30-year-old designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, has decided to upgrade the toilet, something that has not been done in decades. Codling was an Innovation Design Engineering student who has now developed a toilet that allows the user to squat in a more natural way that would not put a strain on the lower half of the body. His design, called the Le Penseur, which translates to The Thinker, allows users to defecate easier and more completely due to the squatting position.

Codling came up with this design because he believes that toilet seats lead to colon cancer, hemorrhoids, heart attacks and other health complications due to infection risks. With his new design, Codling believes that these rates would do down. According to Codling the toilet is easy to install and could potentially be used as a standard toilet.

"The whole idea is to make like better for as many people as possible. I am hoping that this toilet will eventually be in standard use," he said according to Daily Mail. "It needs to be taken on by a large manufacturer who produces these things - I also need funding for more development. The concept has now proven so I think it will then be ready for market."

The toilet is now on display at the Royal College of Art in Kensington. 

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