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Complaining of Toothache, Autistic Man Is Shocked when Dentist Removes All of His Teeth

Update Date: Apr 10, 2013 01:45 PM EDT

Many people are terrified of going to the dentist. But the removal of all of your teeth is typically not high on the list of fears.

Regardless, that appears to be what occurred to Christopher Crist, a 21-year-old man with autism. According to Fox59, the young man has been in the hospital for the past few days with an infection following a procedure when a dentist removed all 32 of his teeth without permission.

The Indianapolis resident went to the Amazing Family Dental clinic with complaints of a toothache. Because of his disorder, his family even coached him on what exactly to say to the dentist: remove the three teeth affected, and nothing more, WTVR reports.

But that is not what actually occurred in the office. Crist received painkillers to help him cope with the pain associated the removal of three teeth. While he was sedated, the dentist removed each of his remaining 29 teeth. After Crist stood from the dental chair, he was left toothless.

"I am going to look like a freak now," Crist said to Fox59. "Honest to God."

His family has called the dentist's office for three days in order to obtain the patient file. Having had no success, the family plans on filing a complaint with the state.

It seems that the dentist, who has not been named since he is not currently being targeted with a lawsuit, has a history of such botched procedures. A woman named Rose Hill says that she went to the same clinic, seeing the same dentist in order to relieve herself of a single tooth that was bothering her.

She says that she emerged from the appointment with her entire bottom row of teeth missing, despite the fact that she saw no medical reason for such a drastic procedure.

Another patient, Sheena Cortez, who was in an adjoining exam room at the same time as Crist, said that she has suffered from pain from her own dental appointment. After receiving two crowns on her teeth, her mouth no longer closes completely.

The dentist has not made himself known or talked to the press about the case.

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