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Louisville’s Ware Walking with Crutches in Hospital Room

Update Date: Apr 03, 2013 11:44 AM EDT

Despite the upcoming games in the four final of the NCAA tournament, people are still focused on Louisville's Kevin Ware after he suffered a gruesome leg fracture in this past Sunday night's Midwest regional final against Duke University. Ware, 20, who received immediate attention and medical care, successfully underwent a two-hour long surgery to repair the open fracture in his right tibia. Today, Ware has gotten on his feet and started moving around with crutches in his hospital room.

The horrific scene Sunday evening with Louisville coaches, players, and fans all crying after Ware suffered the open leg fracture fortunately did not have as frightful of an ending. Ware, who was immediately sent to the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, had a sturdy rod implanted into his leg as surgeons worked hard to reset his bone and close up the flesh that the bone pierced through during the fracture. Ware has been recovering well and according to his doctors, if Ware continues to recover nicely, he might be able to return to the court within a year.

Ware suffered from an open fracture classified as a compound fracture, which is known to be the most dramatic kind in the medical field. Doctors stated that an open fracture is very dangerous because the risk for infection becomes significantly higher when tissues and bone become directly exposed. Ware's bone was very prominent to all when he fell on the court in front of his team's bench and coach, Rick Pitino, who stated that he saw Ware's leg bone.

Although Ware still has a long way to go with several health complications possible, such as nerve damage and loss of function in that leg, he is already up and about, ready to start the recuperating process.

"This is a devastating injury but it doesn't have to end his career," Dr. Robert Clatter from New York stated.

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