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Mysterious Perfectly Formed Pond Circles Appear in NY, Work of UFO's? [PHOTO]

Update Date: Mar 27, 2013 06:28 PM EDT

Mysterious pond circles have been spotted in a pond in upstate New York, sparking talks about a potential visit from extraterrestrial beings, according to reports.

Small town Eden, N.Y. resident Peggy Gervase was looking out at pond near her house on Friday evening when she noticed a peculiar sigt: a number of perfectly round circles in the ice. Gervase took some photos of the pond circles and posted them to the Facebook page of Buffalo-based TV station WGRZ.

"I took a couple pictures of the pond and I put it on Facebook because I'd never seen this before in our pond," Gervase said to WGRZ. "It's eerie, in a way, and cool in a way. Its crop circles, crop, pond, water, ice circles - just circles."

After Gervase posted a photograph of the pond circles to the station's Facebook page, the page was flooded with various suggestions as to what could have caused the mysterious pond circle. Some said they could have been elephant footprints, fish flatulence and many said it must be from aliens visiting planet Earth.

Meanwhile Gervase  said that she doesn't believe her pond circles are the work of extraterrestrial visitors. "I'm not that far gone yet," she told WGRZ.

According to Live Science, there were other more logical explanations: Natural springs often feed ponds with slightly warmer water than the water freezing at the pond's surface during cold weather. As the warmer spring water rises, it would melt the snow and ice on the pond's surface.

Marc Dantonio, an analyst for the Mutual UFO Network, told the Huffington Post the mysterious pond circles are likely the result of some sort of natural phenomenon.

"Circles are an interesting phenomenon because you get quite frequently the opposite effect in slow currents in a river, say, at a bend where the water slows down on the outside of the bend," he said."Given the right conditions, where freezing has just begun, my personal feeling is that these ice holes are really areas where some underground springs that have been creating small currents in the pond have moved the water just enough to prevent it from freezing at the same time as the rest of the pond."

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