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Deadliest Catch? Chinese Fishmonger Finds Squid with Live Bomb in Its Belly

Update Date: Mar 27, 2013 03:06 PM EDT

To borrow an expression from the 1990s, during a recent day at work, a fishmonger in southern China likely thought finding a squid was the bomb. Regardless, after finding said squid, the man probably also received more than he bargained for when he discovered, inside his catch, a live bomb.

According to the British outlet the Telegraph, the squid, about three feet long, was found in shallow waters off the coast of the Guangdong province. Normally, the squid dines on prawns and small fish.

Time magazine reports that the fishmonger noticed his find when he was gutting the animal. In the process, he hit something metallic. That metallic object turned out to be a three-inch, eight-pound bomb shaped like an eggplant.

Chinese authorities have not made statements about the origins or age of the bomb. However, it appears that the bomb, though rusty and advanced in age, was completely operational. Indeed, the police responded to the man's emergency call shortly after he contacted them, and hauled the animal away to perform a controlled explosion.

The man, who was identified solely as Mr. Huang and who has been a fishmonger for 10 years, appeared to be unfazed by the discovery. He even quipped to the Guangzhou Daily, "Perhaps he thought the bomb was his favorite food and gulped it down. He certainly had a big belly when he was caught."

The reporter seemed to find the event humorous as well, noting to readers that they should always call the police if they find explosives in their food. The headline of the piece was suitably "Squid Eats Bomb".

Strangely, this is not the first time that an explosive was found in the belly of the beast - or at least of a marine animal. In 2007, a bowhead whale was found with pieces of a 19th century timer bomb.

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