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Allergies Predicted to be the Worse This Spring

Update Date: Mar 21, 2013 01:15 PM EDT

Stock up on tissues and allergy medications because sneezing, sniffles, and tears, the three main symptoms of allergies, might afflict more people than ever before this upcoming spring. According to allergy experts, the allergy season is going to start sooner and last longer than ever before.  Experts state that the 2013 allergy season will start 14 days before the average start date and last all the way through to October.

"We're expecting to see a very robust allergy season because of a lot of precipitation during late winter and the warmer temperatures we're seeing now throughout the country," Dr. Cliiford Bassett said. Bassett is an adult and pediatric allergy specialist and a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine and Langone Medical Center.

Bassett stated that the increase of pollen could be attributed to global climate changes that are leading to warmer weather throughout the year. In several areas throughout the nation, trees have already bloomed a month earlier than usual due to the mild winter. This announcement regarding worsening allergies is a recurring trend as experts in the previous two years have also made this statement. In 2011 and 2012, the experts reported that their respective years would be the worst allergy season yet. This trend, with each year getting worse, can be the result of the growing climate changes. Temperatures continue to get warmer and warmer throughout the years, with more pollen attacking the noses and eyes of people.

Aside from the temperatures getting warmer, experts stated that an increased level of carbon emissions also indirectly tell plants to overproduce pollen by three to five times Bassett stated that allergies would be particularly worse on warm, dry, and windy days when the pollen can circulate better.

Whether or not this will be the worse allergy season yet, people should start prepping for the onslaught before it arrives. 

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