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Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Some Surprising Ways to Lower Your Risk

Update Date: Mar 08, 2013 09:44 AM EST
Mistletoe shrubs (Photo : Reuters)

This month is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! Despite the fact that colorectal cancer is the third most diagnosed form of cancer in the United States, many people are ashamed to talk about it. While diet and exercise go a long way toward preventing the colorectal cancer, there are other, more surprising ways to minimize the risk of colorectal cancer.


A recent study found that Popeye's favorite vegetable is not just good for providing iron. The study found that spinach was able to cut down the risk of colon tumors by half. Researchers believe that eating the vegetable may lower the effects of some damaging carcinogens found in cooked meat.

Green Tea

Many people have extolled the benefits of green tea, and here is another. A study conducted over the course of 10 years with 69,000 Chinese women found that women who had green tea three times a week lowered their risk of digestive cancers by 14 percent. The study found that women who drank the beverage had a slightly lower risk of developing colon, stomach and throat cancers.


Mistletoe may be able to give the kiss of death to colon cancer. A few studies have found that mistletoe reduces the viability of colon cancer cells. The studies suggest that mistletoe may be a helpful aid against the cancer when used with chemotherapy or radiation, or may even be able to fight the disease by itself.

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