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UK Survey Finds that Couples Lose Up to 90 Minutes of Sleep a Week Arguing

Update Date: Feb 28, 2013 09:54 AM EST

Tossing around, snoring, farting and hogging the sheets- these are just some of the things that couples argue about it bed.

A new UK survey reveals that more than a quarter of couples spend so much time arguing between the sheets that they are losing an average of 90 minutes of sleep a week. That means couples are losing about three full days of sleep a year.

The survey, sponsored by hotel chain Travelodge, also found that 26 percent of couples argue in bed at least three times a week and that each argument lasts about 30 minutes, according to the study of 2,000 British couples.

The most common cause of arguing is fidgeting, with 20 percent of couples reporting that their partner regularly interrupts their sleep with sudden twitchy movements.

The second most cited reason for fighting in bed is snoring.  Researchers found that 16 percent of couples argue about it and men were often the culprits.

The survey also revealed that couples fight about incompatible body temperatures, sheet hogging, not being in the mood for sex, farting, allowing pets in the bed and leaving the light on at night.

"Bedtime bickering is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately," said Corinne Sweet, a relationship psychologist, according to Daily Mail. "Ignoring the issue will result in regular bursts of poor quality of sleep, increased stress levels and loss of immunity."

"So serious is this problem that over an average relationship period of twenty years, British couples could lose two months sleep which does not make for long term bliss," she said.

"My advice is that bickering couples should make time and have an open and honest discussion with their partner about their annoying sleeping habits," Sweet added.

"It is only by having a frank conversation can they really work through the issues and identify a workable solution," she concluded.

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