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Fish Oil and Aspirin Team Up Against Arthritis

Update Date: Feb 26, 2013 01:16 PM EST

New research conducted by the Brigham and Women's hospital and Harvard Medical School discovered the effective combination of fish oil and aspirin in combating chronic diseases, such as arthritis. The two Boston establishments concluded that when fish oil and aspirin were taken together, they can fight off inflammation linked to causing several diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. 

Aspirin has been used by millions of people for several decades as a preventable measure for heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin is also effective in preventing blot clots. Fish oil, which is mostly found in oily fish, has also been raved for its benefits in promoting a healthy heart. The two forms of preventable treatments have anti-inflammatory capabilities when taken alone. When taken in combination, it appears that the anti-inflammatory effects become maximized and can actually monitor the overactive immune responses linked to long-term diseases according to the study published in Chemistry & Biology. During the study, researchers found that the omega-3  found in fish oil help with the natural production of resolvins, which are molecules that fight inflammation. The particular resolvin, D3 was observed to have a longer-lasting effect on fighting inflammation than resolvins D1 and D2. Resolvin  D3 was also produced through a different pathway in the presence of aspirin. 

Based from the knowledge that the body produces natural resolvin D3 from omega-3 fatty acids and aspirin-induced resolvin D3, the researchers wanted to find a way to manufacture purer forms of resolvin D3. When they accomplished the goal, the team injected the pure forms of resolvin D3 into human cells and found that it was highly potent against inflammation. 

Although inflammation is a natural response indicating that the body is trying to fight off injuries and the presence of foreign bodies, long term inflammation has been linked to negatively affecting heart valves and brain cells. These damages can lead to strokes, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.  Long term inflammation can result from too much fat in the body or from smoking which prevents the inflammation from doing its  usual job of alleviating the body. Due to this new findings, people suffering from long term inflammation can use the doubling effect of aspirin and fish oil in fighting inflammation. 

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