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How to Discover the Local Favorites of Barcelona

Update Date: Nov 23, 2021 03:40 PM EST
How to Discover the Local Favorites of Barcelona
(Photo : Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay )

Some say Barcelona is the greatest city in the world. And with a sterling reputation in food, sports, the arts, and architecture; it's easy to see why. When one visits the coastal jewel and smells the sea and the air. A serene calmness washes over you. You hear the bustle of the city, feel the energy that pulses through the streets, and all of the sudden it's easy to imagine Hemmingway scribbling away at The Sun Also Rises at the table across from you. Barcelona has its own beguiling mystical energy to it, that is at once ineffable and indefatigable. A city filled with light and promise as well as shadow and intrigue. 

One may be forgiven then for feeling a little lost when they first arrive in town. Especially so if you're wanting to avoid some of the more touristy attractions and enjoy some more of the local flavors that Barcelona has to offer. Luckily we have created this handy guide that will help you navigate all the fun that this sparkling can throw at you!

Leave the Luggage Behind

Our first major piece of advice is to find a place to drop off your luggage. Whether that be at your hotel, or if you're just in the city for the day, getting rid of your bags can make whatever else is on the agenda a lot more enjoyable. If you are just in town for the day searching for something like luggage storage Barcelona can provide you with a myriad of safe and affordable options to stash your belongings. So that you don't have to be stuck lugging around that heavy luggage all day. We linked our favorite one because it's a safe and secure way to handle your luggage. It's also incredibly convenient as there are many locations across all of the main hotspots of the city, and you can make all of your reservations online!

Living It Up in Las Ramblas

If you're looking for a fun albeit slightly touristy destination, may we suggest visiting Las Ramblas first? This is a great place to shop and enjoy the energy of the city. From the delicious cart food to the musicians busking on the street, Las Ramblas can feel a bit like a year-long carnival. That's why it's such a fun place to visit, and one of our first suggestions. Las Ramblas is especially great if you're traveling with family and younger kids because there's an activity for everyone! The vibrancy of the city expresses itself through Las Ramblas, making it a tourist destination that even locals tend to gravitate towards. 

Falling In Love with La Bombeta

La Bombeta is an exquisite restaurant located on the peninsula in between Placa Del Mar, and The Museu d'Història de Catalunya. La Bombeta is a local favorite that serves the finest tapas for the whole family. Pile in with your friends, or sneak away with your partner for a more romantic atmosphere. However, you come to La Bombeta just come hungry, and allow the food to blow you away!

Basking in the Sun at Bogatell

Widely regarded as one of the nicest beaches in the city Bogatell is an amazing beach right smack dab in the middle of the city. Bogatell is a fun hangout for the whole family that features restaurants that serve some of the best paella in the world! If eating is not your thing there are plenty of shops awaiting your perusal! And let's not forget the most important part of Bogatell: The actual beach! Play volleyball with your friends or make friends with some locals. Have fun and enjoy the sun in an ocean that can reach as far as 75 degrees in the summer!

Making Magical Memories!

Barcelona has many renowned museums, one of its finest and our personal favorite is the National Museum of Catalan Art! Enrich your senses by immersing yourself in Catalonian culture, as you walk through the museum's halls. Call ahead to see if you need to reserve a spot for the tour, but it's an amazing experience that cannot be recommended enough. Additionally not only are the views inside the museum stunning. The view of the city from the steps of the museum is stunning as well! And as you walk down those steps you can also find one of the art museum's best exhibits, The Magic Fountain! A stunning water display that will cap an incredible afternoon of appreciating the arts!

Barcelona is such a dense and vibrant city that we couldn't possibly cover everything here. But we encourage you to use this article as a starting point, for you to begin your own journey in the incredible City of Counts!

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