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5 Ways to Put Your Health First So That You Can Live Your Best Post-Pandemic Life

Update Date: Jun 15, 2021 09:31 AM EDT
5 Ways to Put Your Health First So That You Can Live Your Best Post-Pandemic Life
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"Living your best life" has certainly taken on a whole new meaning in 2021. After a year of uncertainty and heartache, everyone's ready to leave 2020 in the past. As vaccines become more readily available and restrictions begin to ease, the end may well be near. So are you 100% ready to start living your best life?

Mentally, you might be there. However, many people have spent the last year skipping medical appointments and putting off their health. In other words, there are a few things you should do to get ready for your best post-pandemic life.

1. Schedule Routine Tests and Check-ups

Annual check-ups are important for every adult, no matter what the current state of your health looks like. After a year of quarantining, a lot of people are overdue for a trip to the doctor's office. Before jumping back into life as usual, be sure to schedule routine check-ups.

Your primary care physician isn't the only doc you should see. Don't forget the dentist, or the dermatologist if you have a family history of skin cancer. You may have a whole list of doctors you need to see. It's best that you start making those appointments as soon as possible.

Now is also a good time to get checked for sexually transmitted infections. Whether you're in a relationship or re-entering the dating scene, getting tested will give you peace of mind. For many people, going to the doctor for this reason is embarrassing, even if it shouldn't be. Fortunately, STI testing can be done at home. If this seems easier, order a test online.

2. Start Exercising Regularly

Developing an exercise routine won't just help you to look your best, it'll help you to feel your best. This is why it's so important to get into the habit of exercising regularly as the United States enters post-pandemic times.

You may not feel comfortable returning to a gym quite yet. That's totally fine. There are plenty of at-home workouts available. Find the workout routine that works for you. That way you enjoy it and reap the health benefits of raising your heart rate.

3. Develop a Healthy, Sustainable Diet

How you eat can have a huge impact on your health. But developing a healthy diet shouldn't be stressful or overly restrictive. If you limit your diet too much, you could miss out on important nutrients. Plus, turning your favorite foods into taboos is a recipe for disaster. Instead, focus on fueling your body with good, nutrient-dense foods.

If you're struggling to strike a healthy balance with your food, start by practicing the 80/20 rule. This diet says to eat healthy 80% of the time, and indulge 20% of the time.

You can also take up cooking as a new hobby. This will help you develop a greater understanding of what you're eating. Plus, eating healthier might seem more fun if you get to try out new healthy recipes. Just remember, balance is key. You can still enjoy the things you love while eating healthy.

4. Prioritize Your Mental Health

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your health is your mental wellness, especially now. The pandemic took a toll on just about everyone. Some may struggle with mental health more than others, but it can always be improved. There are several ways you can focus on your mental health to get ready for post-pandemic life.

Make Meditation Your New Hobby

Those who have never tried meditation don't know how powerful it can be. It can do wonders for your mental health. It's proven to decrease stress, control anxiety, and lengthen attention spans. And these are only a few of the benefits of meditation.

Sitting quietly in a room may not meet your definition of fun. However, there are a range of meditating activities you can try. For example, try a sound bath at a local yoga studio. Maybe a sensory deprivation tank is more up your alley. These peaceful practices can feel like going to a spa. Who wouldn't want to make a habit of a spa day?

Find Ways to Lessen Stress

Meditation is only one of many ways you can lessen your stress. If you regularly deal with stress, find ways to control it before jumping into your post-pandemic life. De-stressing could be as simple as taking half an hour each day to do something you enjoy. If you're dealing with chronic stress, consider downloading apps that will help you deal with those feelings. These ones can even help with anxiety.

Get Plenty of Sleep

A restful night of sleep doesn't only make you more alert the following day. It also does great things for your mental health. Sleep deprivation can make you more prone to mood swings. It can also make it difficult to concentrate. Basically, lack of sleep is bad for your body and your mind. Typically, adults should get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

5. Set Tech Boundaries

If there was ever a year that made people feel addicted to tech, 2020 was it. Without in-person human connection, people turned to technology to stay close. Plus, options for entertainment became very limited, so the screen became the default option. It was important that people had gadgets to help them cope. However, too much tech is definitely a bad thing.

Now that the pandemic may be nearing its end, it's time to put the tablets and phones aside. This doesn't mean doing away with them entirely, but you should set boundaries. If you don't, you could develop lasting habits that affect the way you socialize.

Check your screen time summary on your device. From there, set a goal for maximum usage. Then prep activities you can do instead of playing on your phone. The next time you get an urge to doom scroll on Facebook, read a book instead.

Consider setting times to put your phone away. Establish no-phone zones, such as the dinner table. Slowly, but surely, you'll see your screen time start to go down. Then you can give your full attention to the person sitting across from you.

Taking full advantage of post-pandemic life isn't going to be as easy as snapping your fingers. People's lives changed. Many underwent trauma. It might take work to readjust to normal life.

If you want to truly live life to the fullest, you need to put your health first. Taking care of yourself will set you on a path to sunnier days. Things like getting plenty of sleep and exercise will have you living your best life as soon as possible.

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