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5 Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her

Update Date: Apr 20, 2021 08:28 PM EDT
5 Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her
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It can be difficult to tell your Mom just how much she means to you, especially if you aren't particularly close or don't communicate as often as both of you would want. Remember that you don't have to do anything over exaggerate to show your Mom how you feel as long as you're authentic and honest. Your Mom will appreciate the effort you put in to make her feel loved.

1. Gift Giving: Universal and Accessible

Not all of us are good with using our words, while others may want to show affection through gift-giving over physical touch. No matter the reason, gift-giving is a perfectly valid way to show your Mom you love her as long as you put a bit of thought into what you're buying. For example, your Mother may prefer flowers on Mother's Day or otherwise, so purchase a monthly floral subscription box from The Bouqs or deliver a bouquet of roses directly to her door.

Gift-giving can even be more personal if it has a DIY element. If your Mom loves to listen to music, create a Spotify playlist for her or knit a scarf or hat that's warm and cozy. Baking for your Mom and delivering cookies to her home is another example of gift-giving.

2. Do Something Nice: Cooking, Cleaning, Babysitting

Moms are always busy. Most of us grew up with Mothers who held down a job, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, and watched their children - all at the same time. Your super-mom deserves a day off, so do something nice that she'll appreciate.

  • Cooking Dinner: Cooking dinner for your Mom is a really lovely gesture and frees up a lot of time for her to relax. You don't have to make something elaborate, even making spaghetti or a salad will make your Mom feel happy.
  • Clean her House or Car: Vacuum up the living room, dust the furniture, and clean the windows while she kicks her feet up. Clean your Mom's car by taking it to the carwash and removing trash from the seats.
  • Babysit: If you have a younger sibling who still lives at home, offer to babysit for the day.

3. Spend Time With Mom: Give Her Your Undivided Attention

Love and affection can be expressed through listening and understanding what your Mom is going through. To make your Mom feel like she has your undivided attention, turn off all electronic devices, make eye contact, and actively listen. Stay focused on her, affirm what she's saying, and refrain from offering advice unless she specifically asks for it.

4. Showing Affection: Physical Touch and Quality Time

Not all of us are comfortable with physical touch, so skip this section unless you're okay with showing affection this way. Give your mom hugs and kisses without being asked to really brighten her mood, and smile or hold her hand when she's having a bad day. Your Mom makes mistakes, so offer up words of encouragement if she's sorry after an argument.

You can also show affection without physical touch, like in the following examples.

1.     Go to the spa for a facial or massage.

2.     Watch a movie together at the cinema or on the couch.

3.     Read books together silently in the library.

4.     Get some exercise by hiking or biking together.

5.     Have a picnic in the park with your favorite foods.

Spending time with your Mom can be fun and exciting if you're doing something you both enjoy.

5. Write a Note: Get Creative or Emotional

Another great way to show your Mom you love her is by creating a card with a special message, note, or picture. You could write "I love you" or include a poem by someone else, or one you wrote yourself. List specific things your Mom has done, like how you loved that she is there for you when you feel sick or how she makes you tea in the morning when she comes over.

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