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7 Vital Ways of Producing Drinking Water from Groundwater

Update Date: Apr 15, 2021 09:06 AM EDT
7 Vital Ways of Producing Drinking Water from Groundwater
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Water is an essential commodity in all walks.  Things can get worse without water to clean, cook, shower, or even drink.

This post will highlight brilliant ways of producing drinking water from groundwater.


Boiling is a simple and pocket-friendly way to purify drinking water. It takes the shortest time. When the water is exposed to higher temperatures, it causes viruses and bacteria to dissipate. Hence all impurities are removed in the process.

Boiling also gets rid of chemical additions. The only shortcoming to this process is that impurities settle at the bottom; hence such impurities are not removed. The good news is that using a microporous sieve, you can thoroughly sieve and get rid of the contaminants.

Water Purifier

The best and most trusted way of producing drinking water from groundwater is by using an electric purifier.

 The water purifier uses a multi-stage process that involves ultraviolet and UF filtration, modern water filtration technology, and carbon block, which eliminates chemicals and impurities hence making the water good for drinking.

 Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is among the most reliable ways of purifying water. It is a procedure that forces water through a semipermeable membrane and separates it from impurities and contaminants.

 Here a TDS controller and mineralizer technology help to retain all necessary nutrients in the water while getting rid of harmful pollutants.

Water Chlorination

Chlorination is not a new phenomenon. The method involves the addition of a small amount of chlorine to the water. The mixture operates as an oxidant, and it kills microorganisms which makes water safe for consumption.


This process involves the collection of condensed water after its evaporation. This ensures that the water does not have contaminants.  However, this process can't compare to reverse osmosis which is faster. Also, distillation eliminates even the valuable minerals.

 Iodine Addition

Iodine is mainly in the form of liquid or a tablet. The best thing about iodine is that it is extremely powerful and effectively kills viruses and bacteria. The only disadvantage here is that it leaves your water with a bad taste.

Also, if consumed in large quantities, it can prove to be detrimental. The only time you should consider the process is if it is the only way out to accessing drinking water.

 Solar Purification

This is an alternative to UV filtration.  Here water is treated using the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. You must fill a plastic bottle with water, after which you need to shake it so that the oxygen within is activated.

After shaking the bottle, you need to lay it horizontally under the sun. The process kills all the bacteria in the water, making it ready for consumption.

To wrap it up

The above ways of producing drinking water from groundwater could come in handy when you least expect. Ensure you have the easiest ones at your fingertips because you never know how necessary knowledge is until you face a life or death situation.

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