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What is Online Speech Therapy?

Update Date: Apr 15, 2021 03:32 AM EDT
What is Online Speech Therapy?
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There are so many types of therapy that are available online, including speech therapy. This may be a type of therapy that you don't know much about, but it is something that is quite important. This article will discuss what speech therapy is used for and if it is beneficial to utilize it in an online setting.

What is Speech Therapy?

You may have gone to school with children that had a hard time speaking clearly or had physical issues which prohibited them from being able to talk as they should. When this happens, a child sometimes meets with a speech therapist, to work on the way they speak as well as their speech patterns. Oftentimes, a speech therapist works for their school, so they don't have to go to a different location to meet with them.

Online Speech Therapy

Like other therapies that work well online, speech therapy is a type that does too. When someone is working through speech therapy online, they are able to work at their own pace, they can have fun with their assignments, and in some cases, they may want to keep working with it for quite a while, which isn't always the case when a child has to meet with a specialist each week to take part in speech therapy. You may want to look into how your child can take advantage of online speech therapy. A study published in 2017 considers online therapy of this type to be something that can be effective and should continue to be studied.

How it Works

There are two ways that online speech therapy generally works. There are special sites that you can visit, which will allow you to start an online speech therapy program, where your child will be able to meet virtually with a therapist to work on their speaking skills. This is an affordable way for you to approach the situation, if your little one needs assistance when it comes to speaking. In fact, many children can benefit from this type of therapy, even if they don't have issues speaking or enunciating. Some adults use this type of online therapy as well, so they are better able to speak to others or to work on their conversational skills.

To take advantage of online therapy, you will need to have a computer that has internet access, as well as a webcam and a microphone. All of these things will be necessary in order to be able to complete the lessons.

There are other online resources that may be able to help your child work on their speaking skills. These sites sometimes have resources you can utilize for free, so they are able to be used in addition to your child meeting with their speech therapist each week. You may even want to ask them about which resources they would recommend for your specific situation.

One thing that is different about online speech therapy is that there is a certain amount of parent interaction that is expected. If your child is undergoing this therapy, you will be expected to talk to the therapist about what is working and what is not. You may also be asked to supervise your child through some exercises that they are asked to do and be sure that they are being diligent. Considering that all of this takes place inside your house, it can be quite convenient and cost-effective, compared to face-to-face speech therapy sessions.


Anytime you are considering placing your child in speech therapy or even going through this type of therapy yourself, you should know that there are online options out there. This may be something that you can see results with, as long as you understand that it will take patience and work. 

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