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Why More and More People Do Dry January

Update Date: Jan 05, 2021 09:47 AM EST

Dry January means keeping yourself away from intoxicating liquor for those 31 days of the month. Being alcohol-free during the first month of the year has many advantages though the gravity of its effects varies depending on how much do you drink regularly.

For heavy drinkers, those that consume alcohol for more than twice a day will notice significant benefits and changes to their body as well as their disposition. Occasional drinkers won't notice much of a difference.

However significant the positive effects are of Dry January to anyone, what's important is it's got something good in it for you.

Is Dry January a Good Option for Alcoholics?


Before we get into why let's clear some misconceptions first. Dry January is suitable for heavy drinkers but not for chronic ones - those who feel that they need to drink even if they don't. If you think you have a problem with alcoholism, you can join an AA group to help you resolve your issues. 

However, if the problem doesn't just affect yourself but also your livelihood, family and other aspects of your life, you might need to visit website of the rehabilitation centers. These detox facilities that can help you fix yourself and get better in life. Don't be scared to get yourself into these facilities because of the danger of the novel coronavirus. Most of them are COVID free and are taking every measure they can to protect your life and the others as well.

 Just make sure that your chosen facility has been audited by the Care Quality Commission. They will make sure that your chosen center has got the right systems in place to give quality and safe social care.

How Did Dry January Start?

Dry January was started by 4,000 people in 2013 and organized by the charity, Alcohol Change UK  until it got bigger and better with more than 100,000 participants signing up in 2020. The cause was not to stop people from drinking booze but to make it a conscious act. An activity where someone understands what they're doing and knows when too much is too much. 

The charity wants to educate and shift the cultural norms of booze, improve drinking behaviors and provide support and treatment to those that need a change in their lives.

So why praytell, is Dry January growing in popularity to the drinking community? Here's why.

Why Do People Participate in Dry January?

There are several positive reasons why people enjoy abstinence from alcohol in the first month of the year. And you may be inclined to join too once you understand what it can do to you.

Visible Effects You Would Surely Notice

After not taking any alcoholic beverages in a month, you would certainly feel that there's a certain glow in your skin. This is because alcohol is known to make you pee more than if you just drank water. Research has also shown that alcohol contains elements that speed up your skin's aging.

You will lose some of your excess pounds by sacrificing a month without your daily booze intake. Alcohol has been known to contribute to gaining weight because of the unhealthy calories it provides you. Your booze ingests surplus calories that don't make you feel full. Instead, it makes you crave for more food. 

When you give up a month of booze, expect a calmer mind and a more restful sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, alcohol contains a sleep-inducing chemical that helps you slumber instantly, but the system metabolizes that chemical, and so, you will be awake after several hours of sleep. Further, drinking before bed can lead to tolerance which will make you take more alcohol successively just to get yourself to sleep.

Positive Effects Inside Your Body

When there are visible changes that you notice from your physical self, surely, there will be positive things that are happening inside it too. 

Forgetting booze for a month will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Two things that go hand in hand when you notice another one or two pounds from your body. Lower cholesterol, in turn, reduces your risk of a stroke or any heart disease. 

Another great fact is that when you stop ingesting alcohol, your blood sugar also lowers, giving you a chance to avoid developing diabetes - an illness most of us know is a lifestyle disease. 

Wallet Thickness Changes

You will notice that not drinking saves you extra cash to be spent on other more important things. Maybe you can finally buy your girlfriend that expensive Gucci bag or give yourself an advanced birthday present. Whatever it is that you have missed because you spend too much boozing, this time you'll get it if you get your drinking habit in control. 

Take Another Look at Drinking

If you have survived the temptation of the liquor store and the pubs for a month, then probably you have somehow had an epiphany of some sort in taking control of your drinking behavior. The change may not be instantaneous but what matters is you got a glimpse of how it would feel like, and what will be your life like if you don't drink as much as you do before. 

Dry January, unlike many other causes, don't take their cause to the streets. Instead, they try to engage with the people who need them most and provide them with support and care that could eventually better their lives in the process.

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