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Stressed Out? Will Moving to the Suburbs Help Your Mental Health?

Update Date: Dec 03, 2020 09:50 AM EST
Stressed Out? Will Moving to the Suburbs Help Your Mental Health?
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Living in a big city may seem like the dream, but is it really? Sure, you have access to public transportation to get from point A to point B. You could even walk because there's no shortage of stores, restaurants, services and entertainment venues. 

Despite this, people across the country are packing up their stuff and heading to the 'burbs. Of those leaving cities, 32% of real estate agents who participated in Homelight's Q3 2020 survey say their clients are even looking for luxury homes in suburbia.

But, why? 

The pitfalls of city life

There's no denying that cities are a great place for those who want to be in the thick of it all and be surrounded by a diverse population and be enveloped by different cultures. Yet, city life can be draining. The constant noise, clashing personalities, and non-stop go-go-go mentality... It's a lot and it can weigh on your mind more than you'd think. 

All of that stimulation is overwhelming and some folks just can't handle it. The body can slip into that "fight-or-flight" response, which then leaves us vulnerable to a variety of mental health problems, such as substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. 

Along with feelings of depression and anxiety, younger people (millenials in particular) struggle with burnout. They're in an environment that's always on the go and as a result, they feel like they have to have that mindset as well, not to mention the financial stress one can feel because living in a city is pretty damn expensive. 

Suburban life is much different than city life

Moving to the suburbs gives you access to the amenities you crave without being surrounded by thousands (if not millions) of people. Suburbanites can be part of a close-knit community where making friends is a little easier because people are more relaxed and they aren't necessarily bogged down with the stresses of city life. 

Also, suburban neighborhoods are often safer than cities. Since the locals tend to make an effort to know their neighbors, they're more likely to call for help if they notice something unusual. 

Plenty of greenery and nature all around

You wouldn't think that being surrounded by nature would have an affect on your mental health, but it does. It's a breath of fresh air (figuratively and literally) being able to go outside, stretch your legs and get some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. Let's not forget that being surrounded by nature typically means there's less pollution so you can breathe easier!

Suburban life is a peaceful life

Suburban life rarely means you're going to be dealing with traffic jams, sirens going off all throughout the night, pollution and large crowds. Why, can you imagine how difficult it must be living in a city during the pandemic? It's incredibly difficult, especially since most of the housing options are apartments, condos or townhomes, all of which have little to no outdoor space to speak of!

We aren't saying that living in a suburban neighborhood will be the answer to all of your problems - far from it most likely. But, we can say that if you're feeling overwhelmed and struggle with your mental health, making the move may be the right choice. Even if you're unsure of whether or not you should buy or rent, you can rest assured in knowing that it'll probably be a lot cheaper than living in the city. After all, financial strain is one of the biggest reasons people feel stressed out!

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