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How does a Sudden Change in Weather Lead to Health Problems

Update Date: Nov 25, 2020 11:15 AM EST
How does a Sudden Change in Weather Lead to Health Problems
(Photo : How does a Sudden Change in Weather Lead to Health Problems)

Changes in weather poses additional challenges to our immune system as well as to our musculoskeletal system. Our bodies get used to a certain climate, and when weather and climate changes suddenly, our body has to try to adapt all over again. Sometimes our bodies have a difficult time adjusting, and this can trigger an illness or a dysfunction.

Here are some health conditions that can be triggered by a sudden change in the weather:

Infections in the upper respiratory tract

During the transitional phase, people wear either too few layers or too many layers of clothing. That can affect their immune response and can trigger upper respiratory infections. When temperatures are fluctuating, we must dress in light layers to protect from cold temperatures in the morning and at night, and we can shed those layers in the warm mid-days or indoor settings.

Sinus and throat issues

Cooling systems can dehumidify air which is laden with pollen, dust and mildew . This can lead to severe sinus and throat issues. So it's important to change air filters in ACs every six months.

Seasonal asthma and bronchitis

Cold air can trigger seasonal asthma or bronchitis. People who have these conditions should be prepared to use an inhaler seasonally to avoid severe and chronic coughing episodes. There is a physiological response to cold air that causes your airways to close down and tighten up. The response can be dangerous for people with asthma.  So they need to be a little more attentive regarding the health of their lungs.

Seasonal allergies from pollen

Plants get just as confused as people do with the changing weather patterns, flowers bloom early and release pollen, which can aggravate people with allergies. This is a very common phenomena, many people have bouts of sneezes and more often than not require a mild dose of anti-allergens. People who are allergic to pollen must avoid being among plants and trees in the season.

Cold and flu outbreaks

If one is sick with a cold or the flu, you may see a ripple effect of illness with the rest of the family as the flu is contagious. Especially in the present scenario, when we are already battling a pandemic, we all need to be more careful about hand hygiene and covering our mouths and noses when coughing and sneezing. It's also important to frequently clean shared spaces to control the spread of infections. We must use sanitisers and disinfect the touched surfaces on a regular basis. Surfaces that can cause problems are chair handles, coffee tables, door knobs and handles, fridge handles, switches in the lift etc.

Muscle and joint injuries

When smog clears up or the weather warms up, people instantly wish to head out. However, being suddenly active on muscles and joints can lead to unexpected injuries. Sometimes, even a sudden movement as you wake up in the morning can catch you unaware and can cause immense discomfort. It's common to see the joint aches worsening during cold and monsoon seasons. We must remember to be active but all exercises must begin slowly with a warm up to avoid aggravation.

Stomach ailments

When summers are back again, there's an increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) flare-ups, and a greater risk of infectious gastroenteritis . Digestion slows down and the slightest rich food consumption can take the stomach for a ride. Acidity, feeling bloated and dysentery are common ailments of summer.

So one must bear in mind to build immunity throughout the year because, weaker the immune system, easier it is to fall prey to transitional weather and climatic patterns. If you're already under the weather it is best to stay indoors and consult a 24/7 online doctor consultation service.

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