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How Can AI and Mobile Apps Help You in Your Business?

Update Date: Oct 19, 2020 10:12 PM EDT
How Can AI and Mobile Apps Help You in Your Business?
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AI apps for Android and iOS abound these days and our lives are better because of them.

Moreover, regardless of the vertical your business is in, whether it's healthcare, banking, gaming, finance, agriculture, or the automotive industry, there are AI apps that can help you in your business.

AI Stands for Artificial Intelligence

Mention the phrase "artificial intelligence" to most people and you'll elicit a visceral response. You yourself might even feel a frisson of fear at hearing the words. Someone nearby who overhears your conversation might nervously laugh and loudly joke, "Bow down to your robot overlords!"

According to Dan Brown, author of Angels & Demons, "The thing that's going to make artificial intelligence so powerful is its ability to learn, and the way AI learns is to look at human culture."

While AI systems can't operate the way humans do, they do provide multiple benefits. And while they are not always completely accurate, they become better and more sophisticated each year.

In fact, AI is more common in our daily lives than you might think. For instance, does your phone help you find your way when you're driving in an unfamiliar city? That's AI. Does Siri tell you the name of the song you're hearing in a restaurant? That's AI.

This tells us that scientists are making great strides toward developing machines that reason and make decisions just as humans would.

Machine Learning and Machine Vision Contribute to Sophisticated AI Apps

It's because of Big Data that AI and mobile apps are now so useful for businesses of all sizes. Big Data, as its name suggests, is a massive accumulation of facts about consumers and their habits in the aggregate.

Other equally remarkable fields such as machine learning, pattern recognition, problem solving, and machine vision confer breadth and depth upon artificial intelligence and the mobile apps it gives us.

The most sophisticated AI apps for mobile rely on both machine learning and machine vision. Machine learning means the app analyzes the data it has already collected and uses human-like reasoning to make future decisions based on its analyses. The pairing of machine learning with machine vision gives an AI app the ability to learn by analyzing visual information.

For example, AI systems are becoming much better at image recognition. Thanks to machine vision, you might one day hold in your hand an AI mobile app that can recognize the products on the shelves on your store-not by barcode, but by their shape, color, and size. Can you imagine how much easier taking inventory would be with such an app?

How Will You Use AI in Your Business?

As the owner of a small business, you might be wondering how you could put AI mobile apps to work in your company.

Artificial intelligence will benefit your business in multiple ways. You can use it to help you with marketing, customer support, and with a variety of other tasks.

Here are just a few examples. Perhaps they will give you some ideas about how you can use AI in your business:

●               Because AI apps for Android and iOS are designed around Big Data, businesses large and small can now monitor pricing and track customer preferences, among other things. These features make it possible for your business to provide a level of customer experience heretofore unimaginable. In fact, some AI mobile apps can be designed to remember the shopping habits of your loyal customers and make recommendations to them based on their past behaviors.

●               Every retail business must keep track of inventory. Some businesses are even required to do so by law. Nonetheless, it is a tedious and expensive chore, requiring many employee hours each year. But what if you could have an app on your mobile device that would not only read barcodes but also recognize products by their shape, size, and color as we mentioned earlier?

This feature would be made possible by virtue of machine vision. Once you have an AI app such as this installed on your mobile device, you or one of your associates could simply stroll up and down the aisles of your retail establishment, holding the device and scanning shelves. Such an app would allow you to track inventory on a regular basis. What's more, it would help you to monitor for shelving irregularities and out-of-stock items as well.

●               Additionally, video analytics can help you keep track of inventory, particularly in your stockroom, where AI-powered video analytics apps can monitor not only all products and their whereabouts but also the staff members who deal with them. You'll be able to know with a great deal of clarity which employee, for instance, last handled a certain item, on what date and at what time.

As a result, you'll have more control over your inventory. Additionally, you will quickly learn which of your employees can be trusted to handle even the most valuable items. This level of examination is bound to have a positive effect on your bottom line. To put it bluntly, increased security equals more profit.

These AI-powered mobile apps will give your retail establishment more security in other capacities as well, where smart cameras can quickly recognize a suspicious situation after hours, alerting you and the authorities quickly, before your store can suffer any losses.

AI-powered smart cameras can have other business applications as well. For example, intelligent video apps can monitor expensive equipment and alert your staff when maintenance is required. Also, by tracking smartphone data, they can help you monitor visitors in your plant or your store at any given time. In other words, you'll know who visited your facility, where they went within your facility, what times they were there, and precisely what they did while they were there.

Could a Custom-Designed Mobile App Help You with Your Business?

Has this article given you some ideas about a custom-designed mobile AI app to help you in your business? An app that's designed to your specifications could be yours, simply for the asking.

For example, the senior data scientists at InData Labs would relish the challenge of designing an AI mobile app according to your requirements.

Working together with these data scientists, you might come up with an AI mobile app that helps your sales team more consistently reach their goals month after month. Or you might prefer an AI mobile app that would help you to practically read your customers' minds, making recommendations to them about how your business could help them, anticipating their needs.

If all of this sounds good to you, reach out to InData Labs today. You could be using a custom-designed mobile AI app to help you improve your business within a short time.

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