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How is Hernia Mesh Used in Operating Rooms?

Update Date: Aug 18, 2020 12:35 PM EDT
Doctor holds x-ray picture on the background of a girl with a sore hip joint and intervertebral hernia, fibromyalgia, close-up
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There have been a number of advances in the world of medicine recently. Often, these advances have the potential to provide new diagnostic and treatment options to people who previously might not have had any. When these new technologies reach the open market, people expect them to be tested thoroughly. After all, they need to be deemed safe for human use. Sometimes, this doesn't always happen. This is the case with certain types of hernia mesh.

Hernia mesh has been used in surgical repairs for years. When someone suffers a hernia, an organ has protruded through a muscular wall that is supposed to enclose it. As a result, people end up with a bulge on the side or front of their body somewhere. Some of the most common locations for a hernia to appear include the flanks, abdomen, and groin. If there is a hernia present, most people are eventually going to require surgical repair. This is where hernia mesh is used.

During the repair process, a trained surgeon will push the "hernia sac," or the organ that has protruded through the muscle wall, back where it is supposed to be located. Then, the surgeon will sew the muscle fibers back together. Finally, the surgeon will need something to keep the repair strong. This is where hernia mesh is needed. The job of the hernia mesh is to reinforce the surgical repair to make it stronger. If the hernia happened before, it might push its way through the muscle fibers again. To prevent this from happening, hernia mesh is sewn onto the back of the muscular repair.

Sadly, hernia mesh recalls have also been being issued. Most people expect the hernia mesh that has reached to open market to be tested thoroughly before it is used. This isn't always the case. People are experiencing problems with certain types of hernia mesh. Some of the biggest problems have to do with women's ability to bear children. Sometimes, this hernia mesh forces its way into the uterus, damaging the woman's ability to carry a child. Other patients are noticing the development of chronic pain. Because chronic pain is typically treated with opioids and narcotics, which are incredibly addictive, this is a major issue. Furthermore, hernia mesh is typically left in place for life. It is not meant to be removed. As a result, there are countless patients who are looking for help with hernia mesh and the complications that might result.

Because certain types of hernia mesh are being recalled, it is important for everyone to know what type of hernia mesh they had put in their bodies. If that type of mesh has been recalled, it is important to see a doctor right away. It is important for people to discuss their options with a trained physician. Furthermore, remember that there are trained professionals willing to lend a helping hand. Nobody should have to go through this process alone. There is always help available. 

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