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Is My Boyfriend Using Me Financially? 4 Signs He Just Might Be

Update Date: Feb 03, 2020 01:56 PM EST
Is My Boyfriend Using Me Financially? 4 Signs He Just Might Be
(Photo : Is My Boyfriend Using Me Financially? 4 Signs He Just Might Be)

Most people are familiar or have heard of sexual or physical abuse but have no idea that there is another type of abuse that is less obvious. This is called a financially abusive relationship where you wonder "Is my boyfriend using me financially?"

Keep reading to learn the signs of financial abuse.

1. Expects You to Always Pay

A big red flag is when your guy relies and expects you to pay for everything every time you go out. If he has a job and makes regular income but never offers to pay for anything or help out financially for things that are for both of you this is a sign.

If he lives with you at your place and does not make an effort to pitch in then he might indeed be financially abusive.

2. Asks You for Money

If he's constantly asking you to loan him money this might be a sign that he wants you more for your money. If you find that you lend him money and he always "forgets" to pay you back, it's time to take a break. There is no reason to stay with someone that is not responsible and can't keep their word.

3. Never Has a Job

If you are dating someone that is either quitting every job, always unemployed, or working part-time and shows no signs of wanting more out of his career this is another red flag. If everything we mentioned above is true plus he seems happy with you paying for everything - this is probably financial abuse rather than love.

4. His Financial Woes Are Not His Fault

Sometimes we make bad decisions when it comes to finances in our younger years but as long as we learn from them these are hard lessons learned. If your boyfriend has a terrible credit score and no money and does not take responsibility you might want to dig deeper. He might even try to blame his last relationship for his financial situation, but it's up to you to figure out if this is true or if he just does not want to take responsibility for his situation.

If he has a ton of debt and you suggest a company that will help him get out of his debt and if after answering his question "is debthunch legit?" he is still not taking any steps to remedy his debt situation then you have a bright red flag in your face.

Now You Know the Answer to the Question "Is My Boyfriend Using Me Financially?"

As you can see being in a financially abusive relationship is not as noticeable as physical abuse. You are often left wondering and questioning "is my boyfriend using me financially?" Make sure you take the signs above as red flags to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of.

The last thing you want is to waste years of your life and his only to find out it is not true love.

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