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6 Amazing Content Ideas for Instagram

Update Date: Jan 10, 2020 03:43 PM EST
6 Amazing Content Ideas for Instagram
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Instagram is loaded with amazing content from talented people, which can make it pretty overwhelming when you finally decide to start posting your own content. With such incredible competition, how can you possibly stand out? These six amazing content ideas may have elements that have been done before, but they work. 

Anything you do is unique to you, so even if you're posting in a niche that's been done before, your content is still unique because it's yours. Try one of these six ideas for boosting your current account, revamping your entire page, or starting anew, and you'll find you generate much more attention and likes on your content. 

1. Personal Growth 

While it's certainly true that personal growth pages are in abundance, everyone's journey is unique, and that's what makes this type of content so appealing to people. People love seeing others triumph over obstacles, overcome personal issues, and grow as a person. It's inspiring, motivating, and uplifting. In a world of negativity, personal growth shines as a beacon of hope to those lost in the dark, and your content could very well end up motivating someone in a very dark place to pick themselves up and get better. 

Whether you're embarking on a fitness journey, facing an illness, or some other obstacle, creating a compelling story from it can give rise to a successful Instagram account. These obstacles speak to the humanity in all of us, invoking an emotional reaction that's crucial to getting folks emotionally invested in your page. When someone appreciates how far you've come, they want to continue to see you grow and prosper. 

 Try to make your personal growth story stand out from others similar to you. It's very unlikely that you won't find a story with at least some similar details, so you should still work to ensure that you're being as original as possible in your posts. Remember that honesty is always appreciated and is more valuable to a follower than deceit or false progress. 

2. Tutorials 

Whether you're a makeup artist, hairdresser, or carpenter, you've got a skill to offer the world; something that your followers could greatly benefit from. People love it when you share some of your knowledge, and tutorials aren't going anywhere anytime soon. One of Google's most-searched terms of 2018 was "how-to", so it's clear the internet wants tutorials on just about anything you can think of. There are tutorials for simple tasks like cleaning a bathroom to more complex tasks like repairing a car. 

You just have to figure out where your skills fit in and what you can teach someone! You can teach users how to buy Instagram followers, how to grow their channel, or even how to create valuable content on social media for a start. 

3. Reviews 

This is essentially how Instagram influencers make their money; by reviewing products and services or brands. You don't necessarily have to stick with products or brands, though. There are plenty of options for reviewing content, such as movies, TV shows, blogs or books, the locale, and much more. 

People appreciate an honest, non-biased review, especially when they're thinking of spending money on what was reviewed. How often do you make a purchase without checking the reviews first? 

Reviews are simple and easy to post, and can actually be quite useful. When followers find your content helpful or useful, they're much more likely to recommend it to friends and family or share it on their other social media pages. 

4. Humor 

Humor will always be in demand. It brings people joy, and as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Good humor will always have a place on social media, whether it's in the form of memes, a TV show or movie, or a self-made sketch that you can't wait to share with your followers. Funny people are likable and their content is shareable; making it a worthwhile venture. 

The best part about humor is that it's completely subjective. What one person finds funny another may find repulsive. Whether you opt for good clean humor, dirty humor, or somewhere in between, chances are you'll be able to find an audience somewhere that will appreciate it. 

5. Beautiful Photos

This is essentially the purpose of Instagram, but a professional high-quality photo will always stand out more than an amateur one. If you're a photographer or just have a talent for snapping the shutter at just the right moment, this might be a good content option for you. 

There are thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to this type of media, but the beauty of photography is that every image is unique, and there is an unlimited amount of inspiration in the world. You can take pictures of pretty much anything and turn it into a work of art. If you're passionate about nature, post photographs of your favorite locations or animals. If you like people, take pictures of beautiful and interesting people doing what they love. You just can't go wrong here! There's so much to choose from and such potential in photography. 

6. Pets

What's the one thing that people can't get enough of online? Pets. Cute doggos or kitties will almost always get thousands of views because people love animals and seeing humans interacting with them.

 The best part about pets is they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you're a cat or dog person, a reptile enthusiast, or a bird fanatic, you've got an audience for your pet's pics. Caught your cat stealing food out of the cupboard? Instagram worthy! Found your doggo playing with a squirrel? Post away! 

Pets will probably never go out of style, especially as pet ownership steadily increases across the country. Who doesn't love a cute cat video to make their day a little less monotonous anyway? Unique pets are even better, as they are more uncommon and interesting to watch. Snake owners, arachnid owners (yes, people actually keep spiders as pets), and other exotic pet owners can generate quite a bit of buzz with their unique critters. 

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