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Instant Health Benefits of Going Green

Update Date: Jan 04, 2020 10:02 AM EST
Instant Health Benefits of Going Green
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Everyone knows that going green is good for the longevity of the planet and our current environmental reality as well. However, you rarely hear about the importance of going green for your and your family's health. Most of the back and forth debate over becoming eco-friendly focuses on the environment, global warming, and sustainability.

While those are extremely important reasons to go green, focus needs to be put on the instant health benefits of becoming eco-friendly as well. That's why in this blog, you can find a few of the instant health benefits going green can bring you.

Health Benefits from Changing Transportation


The way you get from point A to point B can have a direct impact on your health. Changing those habits can help you in more ways than you might think. Some of the ways to go green with your transportation and the health benefits are listed below.

●      Buying an electric car and charging it with a home charging station is one way to help the environment and your health. This mode of transportation improves your health because there will be one less car out there emitting poisonous emissions.

●      Riding your bike is also another alternative. Riding to and from work will give you a chance to exercise, which will make your heart healthy as well.

Health Benefits from Going Green at Home with Cleaning Products


What you do and use in your home can affect your health as well. There are some cleaning products out there that are full of chemicals and can make asthma much worse. Be careful if you have someone in your home who has respiratory issues as you could be exacerbating their condition. Below you will find a few other things to be wary of.

●      Go easy on the plastic containers. There has been research that shows plastic containers have been linked to fertility problems. Always use containers to serve and store your food in that are eco-friendly. Doing so might just save you from having health issues down the road.

●      Consider the type of paint you have inside and outside of your home. Making sure to use only high-quality paint when you repaint your home can not only help you breathe easier but reduce headaches as well.

Health Benefits of Reducing Energy Consumption


Almost everyone knows that the majority of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels and that fossil fuels are pretty much the worst fuel source imaginable. There are quite a few health benefits to reducing your energy consumption.

●      Allergies, lung cancer, and even asthma are caused by pollution. If you go green, then you're doing your part to make the air better, which means you and your family will be able to breathe easier as well.

●      Many people don't realize that pollution can contribute to heart disease and cardiac problems. Doing your part can help you prevent heart disease.

●      Instead of having every light in your house on all of the time, open the curtains and let the light shine in. This will not only reduce energy consumption, but the natural light is also good for your calcium intake. Not to mention the effect it will have on your energy bills, and who doesn't love the idea of a lower light bill?

●      Peace of mind in knowing that you're doing your best to conserve energy can reduce headaches and your stress levels as well.

From reducing your energy consumption to changing up your transportation and household products, you can do your small part for the environment by going green. It will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are a little bit healthier and that you're reducing your carbon footprint on the earth as well.


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