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The Health and Wellness Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors

Update Date: Jan 04, 2020 09:46 AM EST
The Health and Wellness Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors
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It seems fewer people are finding the time to get outside these days, which can seriously affect one's personal well-being. It is important to understand that getting outside helps to stimulate your mind, promote happiness, and is beneficial to your body. These factors are especially important to consider as we age.

Consider ways to incorporate more time outside into your existing routine. For example, riding electric scooters for adults instead of driving cars. Bicycles are another mode of transportation that provides more exposure outdoors while still getting you to your destination. It also provides a great source of exercise. You will be amazed by how much easier you can focus, how much more energized you are, and how much better your short-term memory will become.

What 15 minutes in the sun can do for you:

●      Boost short-term memory

●      Lessen inflammation in the body

●      Boost to your immune system

●      Promote faster healing

●      Increase your energy levels

●      Promote better focus

●      Increase your ability to fight cancer by increasing cancer-fighting proteins

It is essential to get outside, however, it is far more beneficial to get into nature. Research has shown that getting into nature has healing effects that are not present from simply getting outside. Enjoy taking a stroll in a local park or in the forest. Within just one week's time, you will feel a boost in your mind, body, and spirit. There truly is no easier way to stimulate your body and mind.

If you suffer from swelling, pain, confusion, or lack of energy, then consider making your way outdoors frequently. Even if you decide to simply sit outside in the sun, you will find that the healing effects of the sun are far more beneficial than sitting inside staring at the television. It is also important to drink plenty of water as well as consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you have a loved one that can not easily get outdoors, then consider bringing nature closer to them. For instance, you can attract birds to their window by simply hanging a bird feeder. It is also helpful to add colors to their outdoor space by planting bright flowers in various colored pots. Consider planning a family trip that will help get them back to enjoying the great outdoors; the sound and movement of water are known to invoke relaxation and reduce stress.

Just because we age does not mean that we must recess into the confined spaces of our homes. After all, there is much natural healing to be found by simply making our way outside. It is important to help the loved ones that have dedicated their lives to caring for us, and in return, we too can hope that our family will help ensure that we always have the chance to visit the ever changing world as we age.

It is important to remember that just a little bit of time outside each day is beneficial for our bodies, minds, and spirits. People who get outside regularly have an easier time focusing, staying positive, and feeling strong. Ensuring that your loved ones get outside just a little bit each day is the main thing that will help them feel better as they age.


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