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Coping With Sadness in Good Times

Update Date: Jan 04, 2020 09:28 AM EST
Coping With Sadness in Good Times
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Throughout a person's life there will be special events that take place such as weddings, family gatherings during the holidays, births, and more. But what happens when these otherwise joyous times fill you with grief and sadness instead of happiness? Being able to cope with sadness during the hard times can be difficult enough, but shouldn't it be easier when you're having a good time with those you love? Here are some things you can work on to help you relieve your sadness.

Wedding Engagements


A wedding engagement is a grand time in any person's life, and yet it can also cause a huge amount of grief. The tricky part of depression and sadness is that it can strike at any moment. For example, picking out engagement rings with your loved one is something that would usually thrill you but now, for some unknown reason, you find yourself retreating inward and becoming somber out of nowhere. What do you do? As hard as it might be, a lot of times talking it through with someone you know can help relieve the burden of taking on your depression alone.

Getting married should be a time of happiness and, if you have bouts of sadness throughout the proceedings, it can be more difficult for you and, in turn, your significant other to enjoy your life-changing event. Talk about why you might be feeling sad with someone you know and, if you're not comfortable with that, there are professionals who can help in these situations.

During the Holidays


Throughout the year there are a vast number of holidays that can be found on the calendar and they usually signify a time when people get together, enjoy each other's time, and have fun. Yet, they can also be a time when depression hits the hardest. All of the food and familiar faces should help you to be in a good mood. If you do feel yourself happening to sway toward feeling sad, try exercising. Breaking a sweat will not only get your mind off of your troubles, it will also help you feel better about drinking all that eggnog while you've been chatting with grandma about grandpa's random toenail clipping sessions. Anyway, burning some calories and clear your head with some running, yoga, or weight lifting.

Parties and Daily Life


Being sad at a birthday party can really drain the life out of the room, not only for yourself but for those around you. And you shouldn't feel bad about it because depression and sadness are not your fault. Even so, you don't have to be a victim. Take your life back and look for ways to cope with any symptoms that may arise. Battle your sadness head-on with simple tricks you can use on the daily and opt for those that work best for you and your situational needs.

Improve your surroundings to reflect your newer, more positive attitude. Add lights, brighten the colors on your walls, and hang pictures or posters with things that bring joy to your life to enhance your daily mood. Remember to stay engaged and focused on minimizing your potential for moments when your sadness and depression can sneak in. When you recognize a scenario where you're feeling down, use some of the methods discussed earlier. If all else fails, grab your coat and go for a walk or head out to your favorite place to eat with a friend or family member. Being around people you love in your life can help you step away from your sad place and have a good time.

As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and the same can be said for dealing with bouts of depression and sadness. Take your time with it and just try to get a little better each and every day. You deserve to be able to live a happier life, one where you can overcome your sadness in positive ways.

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