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The Benefits Of Accessible Health Insurance

Update Date: Jan 02, 2020 09:00 AM EST
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.It's becoming more and more evident that all developed countries except for the US provide access to healthcare to its citizens. Access to healthcare prolongs life expectancy, prevents a lot of illnesses, avoids unnecessary disabilities, and makes everyone feel safe. 

Universal healthcare ensures every member in society is treated in a timely manner, in a safe and clean environment, and with supplemented drugs. Other developed countries, such as Germany, Finland, and Sweden all offer their citizens free or accessible healthcare. 

One common misconception is that the concept of free healthcare is communist or socialist. However, many western European countries that are very capitalist offer accessible healthcare to all. 

Though it was a huge part of Obama's 2008 presidential election campaign, Americans still struggle with healthcare costs, and it puts a lot of people in debt because of medical expenses. Accessible healthcare might be a massive step towards becoming a healthier, happier, and less psychologically ill nation. 

Accessible healthcare gives people access to medical facilities, which prevents a lot of significant health issues like chronic and terminal diseases.

You, And Everyone You Care About, Are Covered

We all know someone whose credit score is in the gutter or has filed for bankruptcy because of medical bills. It doesn't have to be like that. While health insurance still isn't completely free in the United States, there are ways to get access to more affordable options, such as Medicare 2020

This plan enables people, especially seniors, access to more affordable health insurance, prescription drugs, and timely care. This care comes at a small monthly payment, and sometimes even no payment at all. 

Furthermore, unlike the big insurance companies, Medicare 2020 offers insurance with no copay from the patient, making the process much more comfortable. 

Better Communication 

If you're enrolled in the Medicare program, you will be able to visit the same physician as many times as you want. This is an immense privilege because it opens the door for much more personal communication with your doctor. 

They would know your specific lifestyle, whether you're a smoker or a heavy drinker, they'd know your medical history, your family record, and know you in person. This personalized care helps the doctor make more customized decisions regarding your healing process.  

Having a doctor that knows you and your medical history can be life-changing. Their knowledge means that you're getting the appropriate medicine prescribed, and your chronic conditions are being taken into consideration. 

Why Didn't The Affordable Care Act Work?

In his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised healthcare for all. He fought long and hard, throughout his two terms to make this dream a reality. His plan did, however, help over 20 million Americans gain access to healthcare.

Unfortunately, though more people had access to medical care, a significant amount still didn't. These people couldn't access healthcare based on many factors. These factors include their age, previous health history, gender, family history, race, and zip code. 

Furthermore, people who were in more remote and rural areas didn't have access to health facilities close to them. This means that even those who were insured didn't have access to the care they needed. 

The Issue Of Time

Time is a huge factor. When you're sick, you usually have to cater to your needs very quickly. If you have inflammation, a broken limb, or a dental infection, heck, if it's an inflamed appendix, or early stages of a tumor, seeing a doctor promptly can save your life. 

Many Americans suffer irreparable repercussions for not being able to see a doctor as soon as they feel they need to. Out of fear of the piling medical bills that would sit on their credit scores forever, they postpone seeing a physician. 

Furthermore, a lot of people don't have access to reliable facilities that accept their insurance in their states and end up having to take time off work and travel, which can be very expensive. Consequently, available Medicare for all can change the way we handle health. 

Find Out How To Enroll

Healthcare should be available to seniors, adults, and children alike, find out how you can enroll to obtain healthcare. There are a lot of options out there, and enrolling in one of them might become a lifesaver in the future. 

It's not just a lifesaver, but also save a lot of money and credit score troubles in the long run. Go online and research what programs you qualify for, and enroll in the ones that work best for your area. Happy healing!

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