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What is IV Therapy?

Update Date: Nov 08, 2019 02:05 PM EST
What is IV Therapy?
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You've seen the ads on billboards and busses for IV therapy and you have probably wondered what it entails and if it is right for you. An I V treatment simply involves delivering fluids into the body via a line and a syringe. The fluid combinations are referred to as drips. IV treatments have been around for a long time. Hospitals have used IV drips to treat dehydration and get crucial nutrients into patients for years. Recently,  IV therapy clinics and home visit services have emerged around the country.

They promise to treat everything from hangovers to morning sickness. People who have tried the treatments are amazed at how quickly and how well they work. You can get an IV treatment in your home within a couple of hours. The treatments can provide a fast solution to an otherwise debilitating problem. They can also help with long term wellness.

Types of Therapy

IV therapy is often used as a last-minute treatment for people who need to get well fast or look better in a hurry. Mobile IV Medics offers a number of drips to choose from.


One of the most common reasons people are hospitalized is because of dehydration. If you have been feeling thirsty lately, there is a good chance you need to hydrate, and IV therapy is a speedy and safe way to get it done. A hydration drip includes a combination of IV fluid and electrolytes.

Myers' Cocktail

This popular concoction of vitamins and minerals has been making people feel better forever. It contains high levels of vitamin C which will combat any viruses that lurk in your system.


If you find yourself getting sick often, or if you are in a situation where you may be exposed to germs, this drip can help you build up your natural defenses. It includes B and C vitamins, zinc and glutathione which is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Cold and Flu

If you wake up sick on the same day you are to deliver a big presentation at work, you need to get better in a hurry. A technician can come right over to provide this drip, which includes the same elements that are in the immunity drip along with anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medicine.


If you have just finished a long hike or climb or if you are training for that big triathlon, you may want to consider a recovery drip. The composition includes L-Carnitine, which increases metabolism. It also has high dose magnesium which is good for energy and protein formation.

You can also get treatments for beauty or weight loss, so you will look good just before you go to that special event. If you have a hangover, IV therapy can get you back on your feet or on your barstool within an hour.  There are many add-ons available, and your therapist can put together a drip that is custom made for you.



Whenever a new trend in wellness emerges, people have a tendency to question its safety. Medical professionals have used IVs forever. Make sure the staff of the IV facility you use is comprised of medical professionals. Make sure not to overdo the therapy and discuss any health conditions you have with your therapist when you call for an appointment.

The quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat has decreased over the years. IV therapy is one way of countering the negative things we do to our bodies.

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