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How Can Smoking Ruin Your Marriage?

Update Date: Oct 29, 2019 10:55 PM EDT
How Can Smoking Ruin Your Marriage?
(Photo : How Can Smoking Ruin Your Marriage?)

Smoking spouse is a problem for many Americans today. Some have consciously married smoking people; some faced the bad habit after years of mutual understanding, love, and other pleasures of ordinary life. Both categories report about problems in their relationship with their spouses. So is that an indisputable fact that smoking can bring the feelings your partner and you were cherishing for so many years to destruction?

More or less, but we are forced to admit it is true. Admittedly, working on the relationship and being ready to improve yourselves for the sake of the couple makes the ties tight. Statistics say that nowadays, about half of all marriages end up with divorce. Undoubtedly, the reason is not smoking. However, smoking makes a difference.

To talk seriously, smoking often lies in the root of the rock on which people split. We talk not strictly about cigarettes; we also put vape pens, e-cigarettes, and other modern devices on the list. Sometimes nicotine addiction instigates quarrels and might be followed by other pernicious habits like drinking, drug consumption, gambling, etc. Nicotine free vape pen ( also causes arguments.

Humans are quite complicated creatures. It might be challenging to answer all the "Why?" and "For what reason", but we would try to puzzle it out. So, the question is what direct influence on your marriage smoking has.

"I vow to support you, [...] and, above all, love you, [...]as long as we both shall live."

It seems to be a very familiar quote for every person who has been married at least once in their entire life. That is what people promise to their spouse on 'the most important and the happiest day' in their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has respect for promises.

1. The situation might develop progressively. You would not notice this from the very outset. Firstly, you prefer one puff before work, and one before sleep, and two in the midday time; you prefer smoking to kiss your wife, playing with your kids, or helping your family in making your place cozier.

Sounds dramatical? I admit it does a bit. However, the main point is the truth. Smokers start spending their time on cigarettes, or vapes, not on what is worth it - which is your family. That brings to a dose of criticism from your spouse. Or, hopefully, some serious talk. The decision might be switching from a cigarette to a non-nicotine vape pen. Unfortunately, sometimes, it does not help a lot. Because vaping, even comparatively not harmful things, you still spend your time on it.

Having a choice between sitting near the sea and hugging your spouse and smoking a cigarette, I suggest you would choose the first option, wouldn't you?

2. You, as a partner, are expected to be a tower of strength, not a saboteur. Smoking has strong adverse effects on the human body and can cause plenty of health issues and mental problems. This may include but is not limited to, problems with lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, heart failure, brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, and many more illnesses. Let us look through several general facts that are aftermaths of smoking:

  • Specific muscles would tighten, while the bone destiny would be reduced after being a smoker for some time. You also become more prone to clotting, and it is more difficult for the blood to get to your extremes.

  • Smoking means raising blood pressure and, correspondingly, heart rate. You might also face the reduction of the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, especially during some activities.

All these make the risk of heart attack or stroke higher.

  • Tobacco smoke irritates the windpipe and voice box; therefore, the risk of lung infection rises. The air sacs also get damaged while you smoke. However, not only nicotine worsens your respiratory issues. Nicotine free vape might harm as well. Most of them use special liquids, which, as proved, contain cancerogenic elements. The other commonly met possible problem is popcorn lungs.

Smoking here becomes the activity, which is more an activator than the creator of the problem. Anyway, lung diseases are the most common among smokers and vapers.

  • Smoking is a massive risk for reproduction and fertility. It badly influences both men and women. In both cases, smoking might lead to such a drastic diagnosis as sterility. When it goes about the primary effects, they are genetic damage or deformation to sperm, then lower sperm count and, as a result, impotence for men. Talking about women, you might face irregularities or absence of a menstrual cycle, decreased lubrication, which might result in not only sexual dissatisfaction but also menopause reached some years earlier. If we talk about woman, who is pregnant, smoking is strictly inadvisable. Nicotine, in case of cigarettes, and chemicals, in case of non-nicotine vape, might damage the fetus - your future baby.

If you want to have the opportunity to give birth to a child, it is better to hold back from smoking or vaping.

When you smoke, you risk developing any of these, or others, diseases, which would make the life of your family more difficult. They would have to look after you to earn more money. Besides, this causes psychological damage as well. It is better to protect your family than to make them protect you, agree?

3. You expose your family (wife, children, grandchildren, etc.) to second-hand smoking, which is even more harmful than smoking itself. The effects that it makes on the body are quite similar, so we will not describe them, but the statistics says us that second-hand smoking causes about 34,000 premature deaths from heart disease every year in the USA. Vapor from a nicotine-free vape pen contains harmful elements, which also might provoke serious illnesses and make your immune system prone to infections, inflammations, and cancer.

I believe you would prefer to have a friendly, healthy, loving family rather than present them all possible diseases, right?

Hence, be aware of what you love and what you want to surround yourself with: a haze of freedom and relaxation that will be dispelled soon, or love, smiles, and happiness as long as we both, your spouse and you, shall live. If you are a smoker already, the way to change your life is always free. As the saying goes, "Be the change you want to see in the world," and you cannot expect others to change if you do not.

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