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Benefits of Having a Lawn

Update Date: Jun 14, 2019 11:10 AM EDT

More than just Aesthetics, having a well managed lawn have many benefits including therapeutic ones. It is great for the environment, health and social life.  In this article, we will focus on these benefits in order to have a better understanding.

Environmental Benefits and Noise Control

Having a quality and healthy lawn would make the soil to be compact. This would reduce the rate of erosion. The grasses would also trap dust and debris so air pollution in your environment is reduced drastically compared to those without lawn.

Healthy grass absorbs carbon dioxide in the environment and releases oxygen into the surroundings. This would lead to breathing in clean air. 

Recent studies have shown that a lawn has noise absorptive ability. This means that the noise coming from down the street would only reach you in minute quantity.

Wellness and stress

If you are under a lot of stress from work or you find yourself in a sort of family crisis. By going outside and grazing at your lawn, often at times you will find yourself relaxed.

As a soccer fan, I can share my experience with you. My team was down by three goals in the first half. At halftime, I was in serious mental stress, so I stepped out of my home and walked around my lawn. Which is not very big by the way. In a short time, I felt relaxed and stress-free. When the game resumed I was very relaxed watching it and in the end, my team won. I would not have finished that game if I had the same level of stress I started the game with.


Attending and caring for a lawn can have a positive therapeutic effect. Taking care of grasses have also aided recovery from certain illness as well as help elderly persons to stay healthy by being mobile. This is the reason it is suggested in rehabilitation programmes. A lot of people who used this programme to treat their illness have testified of its effectiveness. 

For more interesting facts and tips about lawns visit wikilawn.

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