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Abandoned Newborn Wrapped in Plastic Found Alive

Update Date: Feb 21, 2013 02:06 PM EST

The police have yet to identify the parents of a newborn girl that was wrapped in plastic and left outside an apartment complex to fend for herself in Texas. The girl was discovered near the northwest section of the Harris County apartment complex by a local woman who was out walking her dogs. Her dog showed a keen interest in a plastic bag by the fence so the woman decided to look into the bag, and was surprised to find a baby with three inches of her umbilical cord still attached.

The baby girl has since been sent to the Texas Children's Hospital who has cleared her of any possible infections or diseases. The healthy girl was estimated to be just over an hour old before the lady spotted her at 7 p.m. She was very lucky to have been found so quickly after entering the world. Since the police have not been able to successfully locate the parents, the baby will remain at the hospital until she can be released to the care of the Child Protective Services. A judge has already granted the agency permission to take her.

Once the newborn is turned over to Child Protective Services, she will be matched into a foster home as soon as possible. However, the search for the child's parents is not over. The police have tried to take DNA samples from the child or the plastic bag to see if there are any matches in the national database. The police are also asking locals for any information they may have regarding this unfortunate situation. Amidst this event, Gwen Carter, a representative from Child Protective Services urges people to remember the Baby Moses Law, which was created for the safety of infants. The law states that any child under the age of 60 days can be surrendered to a hospital, fire station, or other similar government buildings without having to face any criminal charges for abandonment.

"We want people to make wise choices," She stressed. "It's an emotional, confused state of being, but you have to think about the baby."

The baby can be released from the hospital as soon as the end of the week. 

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