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It's Never Too Late To Get in Shape: Aging Beefcake Shows Off his Ripped 60-Year-Old Body

Update Date: Feb 21, 2013 12:29 PM EST

Are you ever too old to get super fit? For all the middle-aged people who rationalize not going to the gym by telling themselves that it is impossible to get in shape after you go over the hill here's a picture that'll surely make them think twice.

This photograph was posted on Reddit Tuesday night by a man who called himself CrazyDrummer, along with the caption that read: "60 years old".

With his washboard abs, swollen biceps and well defined pecs, this senior beefcake with his wrinkly face, thick-rimmed glasses and Santa Claus-like beard, proves that there is no such thing as being too old to look good.

The picture has so far received 1,768 comments on Reddit, and some of the commentators on the social media site are clearly amazed by this grandpa's super muscular physique.

"That's not fair. He has dad and grandpa strength," said ISwearThisIsOriginal.

"Still impressive, I want to be that ripped at 60," another commentator Zombierror wrote.

"Zeus is that you old buddy?" quipped Bocajseivad.

"Santa only works 1 day out of the year. The other 364? He lifts," commented BOMPendragon 228.

However, other commentators on the social media site were not so impressed.

"Still..... it took him 60years to get it," McCann1 wrote.

"This man is 60 and looks 85. Gym Trainers and most redditors hate him," said Chuch8736.

There's no denying CrazyDrummer's powerful physique, but he still has two decades of body building to go if he wants to top 80-year-old Raymond Moon who holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest male bodybuilder.

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