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Boosting Your Mental Health May Be Easier Than You Think

Update Date: Jun 09, 2017 06:31 PM EDT

Getting stuck in a rut seems easier than ever nowadays. Especially if you're working a nine-to-five that's underpaid and overwhelming only to find yourself spending whatever time you have left in the day slurping Ramen in front of the television before bed.

Luckily, there's a few quick-and-easy ways to strengthen and maintain your mental health.

According to a recent study, it's our friends and family who are most likely to keep us sane. Crazy, right? But it's true.

In the study, 2,000 participants were quizzed on the state of their mental well-being. Researchers found that more than 76 percent of those surveyed lean on their loved ones during difficult times, while others hit the gym to boost their mood. The survey also revealed that one-third of young adults drink alcohol when they're feeling down, while those over the age of 55 are more likely to stick to healthier stress relievers, such as going for a walk or cooking a healthy meal.

"Our research has demonstrated that now, more than ever, we need to make sure that we understand our mental health and know about the things that can protect or undermine it," said Jenny Edwards CBE, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, who led the study. "It seems to be easier for people later in life to spend time doing the things that are good for mental health, and young people struggling under life's pressures could take a leaf out of the book the older generation appears to be reading!"

The study, which was launched in conjunction with the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, revealed that 13 percent of those surveyed described their mental health as "highly positive," with two out of five claiming to have experienced depression at some point in their lives.

"With two in three of us experiencing a mental health problem in our lives, we need to respond to this public health emergency with a Thriving Nation program," Edwards continued. "That's why we're calling for a Royal Commission to investigate the solutions to prevent mental ill health. The success of our society cannot and should not solely be measured in GDP, but the health of its citizens."

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