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Osteoporosis Causes & Symptoms, Know Possible Remedy That You Can Apply

Update Date: Jun 09, 2017 07:09 AM EDT

Osteoporosis is a condition where the density of bones gets reduced and acute bone weakness can lead to high risk of broken bones. It is considered as the most common reason for a broken bone among the elderly.

The condition affects an estimated 75 million Americans each year. The International Osteoporosis Foundation suggested that a decrease in bone mass by 10 percent doubles the risk of vertebral fractures and increases the risk of hip fracture by 2.5 times, as reported by Information Nigeria.

What Causes It?

Our bones generally are composed of the adequate amount of calcium, protein, and collagen that provide strength to bones. In case, if the risk of t increases for any person, the strength and structure are compromised, Bel Marra Health also suggests.

If a person is suffering from the condition, a possibility of suffering from breaking bones is always there. Vertebrae in the spine, the hip and bones of the forearm are the common zones that can break if the necessary elements (calcium, protein and collagen) highly decrease due to Osteoporosis.

It can occur due to multiple diseases or treatments including kidney disease, surgical removal of the ovaries, anorexia, and hyperthyroidism. The rate of bone loss can increase due to certain medications like chemotherapy, proton pump inhibitors, antiseizure medications, glucocorticosteroids, to name a few. Apart from all these, even excessive smoking and inadequate physical exercise may increase risk factors.

The risk of the condition increases with age. This condition is noticed to appear quite higher in the White and Asian populations.

It is transferred genetically. A family history of Osteoporosis, mainly in the parents and siblings augments the risk of suffering from this disease. On the other hand, one notable cause for the women to suffering from this disease is a lower level of estrogen after menopause.

Treatment And Prevention

Your diet must have an excess amount of calcium, Vitamin D, and protein. Consumption of alcohol and smoking should be reduced. Doctors generally use Bisphosphonates, Calcitonin, Parathyroid hormone, and Estrogen agonist or antagonist to treat Osteoporosis.

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