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Divorce Consequence: Children Whose Parents Divorce Are More Prone To Be Sickly Adults

Update Date: Jun 08, 2017 07:23 PM EDT

Over one million children experience the separation and divorce of their parents each year. It was reported that they sometimes blame themselves for their parent's bitter relationship.

These children have the tendency to feel forsaken by their parents and display intense anxiety. They really suffer when their mom and dad split up, which may lead them to give up on their life's aim as well.

Effects On Children's Learning And Behavior

According to psychologists, children whose parents are separated are prone to several physiological effects. They experience a high level of behavioral problems including depression, anxiousness, and poorer grades. Also, they could struggle with trusting someone else and increase their health risks, Newsweek reported.

Now, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have shown a factor of separation to increased odds of catching a cold in adults whose parents divorced or separated when they were children. The researchers compared between the children from homes disrupted by death and children from divorced homes. Surprisingly, they found that children from divorced homes have more psychological problems.

Study results

However, the researchers were involved in an experiment. They split 201 adults into three groups, including those who reported their parents remained together throughout their childhood and those who reported their parents were separated.

After that they found that adults whose parents separated, who did not speak to one another following their separation were three times more likely to develop a cold, compared to adults whose parents remained together. Children often feel caught in the middle and stress can affect their performance in everywhere, Children and Divorce reported.

What Are The Ways To Recover?

Meanwhile, parents should behave well in front of their children and take care of their needs. Parents also need to help their children to communicate with their family and express their feelings.

Experts also suggested that parents can take their children on a trip or to an adventure to talk to them and make them feel loved. It was also advised that parents should provide professional assistance to children for emotional support when there is a life-changing event, such as divorce.

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