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An Egg A Day Can Make Kids Taller, New Study Says

Update Date: Jun 08, 2017 05:07 AM EDT

For decades, many families have claimed to witness their children being less taller than what is expected of a certain age. Learn how a study said that an egg a day can help with this concern.

The problem of stunting height has been universal since long enough. However, a group of scientists from Ecuador has found out a solution for this issue. According to them, the consumption of an egg every day can definitely help a lot in gaining height, since the beginning days of growth.

Benefits Of An Egg A Day

According to BBC, the team claimed that the first two years after birth are crucial for infants. The essential nutrients are massively required for the perfect stimulation of physical and mental growth.

Prof. Mary Fewtrell, nutrition lead at the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health stated: "Egg is a good nutritious complementary food that can be introduced as part of a varied diet once the mother decides to start complementary feeding - never before four months." Lora Iannotti, alongside her team of researchers went through a thorough process for six months to examine the growth stimulation provided by egg to infants.

Results Of An Egg A Day Study

For the purpose of the experiment, the team distributed free eggs to the rural kids, within the age of six to nine, in Ecuador. Health pointed out that among 160 individuals, which the team took for their observation of the effects, 80 were given one piece of an egg within their regular food items on daily basis.

The other half were closely monitored without any sort of egg consumption for the whole timeline of the experiment. Surprisingly, those who regularly consumed egg, had an estimated 53 percent more growth in terms of height than those who weren't served egg for the same timeline.

Iannotti and the team came up with the obvious explanation and stated: "We were surprised by just how effective this intervention proved to be." The team assumed that this experiment would help various nutritionists for curbing down the issues of less height or stunting among infants.

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